The Room 2: Solution with tips to all the puzzles for iPad and iPhone

The Room - Walkthrough with tips to all the puzzles: We have the iPad adventure The Room solved completely for you and offer you in this walkthrough tips to all the puzzles included in this game. The Pocket Edition for iPhone is identical in content according to the paid upgrade. Add this solution to The Room you will find tips and tricks to all the puzzles and tasks of the game. We guide you all five chapters including the epilogue. In the coming days we will continue our The Room solution provided with updates. So check back often.

The Room is one of the most popular iPad games of 2012 and currently costs in the App Store for iPad only 0.89 euros. With our guide to The Room you solve each task of the game. In the dark and mysterious style of Myst you loose in The Room lots of combination puzzle. Here, you put yourself on the search for the mysterious zero element. The Room The Pocket Edition for iPhone is after the paid upgrade in content to the iPad version.

In the following walkthrough The Room finds its clues to the mystery of all five chapters plus epilogue. This epilogue added the developer via free update added to provide the players a taste of The Room 2. Simply use our table of contents to the solutions of the different chapters in The Room to arrive. In the gallery you will find a lot of screenshots that offer you hints on solving individual puzzles of the chapters in The Room. Note: We update the The Room solution in a timely manner with other chapters.

Table of Contents

The Room - Solution - Chapter 1: The Tutorial
The Room - Solution - Chapter 2.1: The First Seal

The Room - Solution - Chapter 1: The Tutorial

First, we explain that tutorial from The Room basic control. So you typed for example, twice on the touch screen to examine objects more accurately. You wipe across the screen to open drawers and pull out letters. At the beginning you turn the screen via touch screen in the first chapter of The Room so that you have the top of the vault before you. Now you tapped twice on the letter. Taking the letter from the envelope and read the note.

The image pans to a round jewelry box. You turn the lid to expose the keyhole. Then you pull the key from the inventory to the keyhole and open the jewelry box to get to the content. You will receive an eyepiece, which is still often finds use in the course of The Room. This is an important item in The Room. You use the eyepiece and read the note on the note. Typing the note to more accurately read the hint. Then you zoom out by her contract two fingers on the touch screen.

The tutorial in the first chapter of The Room orders you now trying to examine the vault closer. Just look at the sides of the safe. By double-clicking you come closer. By pushing the finger you zoom out again. The first note in the tutorial from The Room gives you a riddle. This is around the fire.

At the feet of the safe you will find the symbols of air, water, earth and fire. Type the fire symbol. Now open above the fire-sign a secret hiding place and you get a key. Type now in your inventory on the key and you see him closely. The bit of the key is movable and can change. Zoom out and look at the same side of the vault, the small, scratched on plate. Move it to the side and you will see a keyhole. Examine the found key and turn the beard until it matches the shape of the keyhole. Then you lead the key into the hole and rotate it clockwise. Your will receive a kind of wrench.

You will now rotate the vault further until you find the signboard "Talisman". It is to the right a small screw. Use the wrench to unscrew the screw. You will receive a lens that connects you with your eyepiece. The eyepiece is now ready for use. Use it and discover her disturbing and mysterious symbols in the entire room. Rotate the camera by wiping. Put the eyepiece again. You can find on the side of the vault not yet used a round disk that you look at you closer. There is small plate that already has scratches. Pull it aside and a new keyhole appears.

Take your keys and adjusts the beard to the shape of the keyhole. Rotate clockwise and a golden plate is exposed. Set the eyepiece on her now, you may know the answer to this riddle. Now rotates the parts of the gold disks until a symbol is uncovered. This will open the vault and you have mastered the first chapter to The Room. Open the door and look at the smaller box. It leads you to the next task.

The Room - Solution - Chapter 2.1: The First Seal

In this chapter, you crack three seals of the new box to open it. Should you get stuck in the game, you'll get more hints on the top left behind the "?". First her best start to examine the feet of the box. Also use the eyepiece in order to reveal more secret of the box. The stand on the left below the hologram you turn to the side. You can find a wick that smells of petroleum.

Use the eyepiece and rotate the box. At one edge of the box you only see through the eyepiece grip track. Examine this part of the box and you come into possession of a book. This puts her first in your inventory for later. Now you zoom out and rotate the box. On the first page to the left of the three openable seal you turn on the golden pillar. You will receive a mini-telescope. Examine it and it turns into the right position and you work it out. Rotate the box again until you come to the hologram plate. Use the eyepiece here. You recognize spin numbers on the side of the cube. This is the combination that you eingebt on this page, if you quit using the eyepiece: 5 Left, Up 2, Right 7 Down 6 Suppresses the local switch and it works on the next side of the box to the left a kind of camera-projector on.

Zoom the camera. On the right side of the projector you place the dipped in kerosene Yet. This is a kind of lighter as a light source. Activate the lighter and then pull the lever up. The light source of the projector is activated. Now Zoom out and submit the unfolded telescope on the stand. But still, the apparatus is not running unfortunately. So you studied the book from your inventory.

Open the book is quite simple. Rotate the lower disk with the opening upwards, the upper disc with the opening downwards. Now you turn the center piece up and then the right disk with the opening to the right. You will receive a letter and a key. Now Zoom out and turn looking at the left side of the camera projector. There you are allowed to open a small hatch below, in which you used the key from the book. So you pull the camera projector. Before you look through the telescope, you use the eyepiece. The word "TRIAL" is revealed. After her zoom out again, the small round plate opens next to the telescope.

Use the eyepiece and rotate the symbol in the correct position. A goat skull appears and the hatch to the left of the plate opens and gives the letter "L" on a small brass plate. Now turn the box on the page to the left of the three seals (where you already have the telescope out rotated. Where their zoom ran and set the brass letter "L" in the open field. From the camera-projector you know that word "TRIAL" must form. The camera works and the first of the three seal opens.

To be continued ...!