Toukiden The Age of Demons: Beginners Guide / Tips (PS Vita)

Toukiden: The Age of Demons is a game for PlayStation Vita considered a "clone" of the known series Monster Hunter. In the game you need to hunt down and defeat demons called Oni to save the world and get new armor and thus complete the missions of the game.

In this tutorial you will learn the first steps to accomplish the missions of the game and how to evolve your character. After all, the more missions and hunt demons get, the greater the list of weapons and Mitama that will be available to improve your character.

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Important: Do the first mission of the game tutorial carefully. You will learn the basic commands of combat, how to access their menu and learn how to equip a Mitama.

Step 1: Toukiden: The Age of Demons is not a linear game. You need to search for missions (missions and quests) to evolve your character and progress through the story. Before we go on a mission, you need to check which are available in the Command Center of the village and see the requirements to get into it. Go to the counter and talk to the character to choose a mission. They supplement the chapters of the main story. To get additional quests, talk to the villagers to unlock them.

Step 2: After you choose which mission you want to make, you need to follow the red arrow to the right, which appears in the hallway next to the Command Center and will redirect you to their mission. If you have forgotten an item or step, you can select the "Quit" option in the "Start" menu to abandon the mission. Be aware that you will lose all progress and have to start again.

Step 3: Stay tuned to your mission objective that appears to accept it in the Command Center. There are two basic ways to complete their objectives: the first is to defeat the specific demon or a certain amount of them. The second is to find specific items that were ordered. Perform missions seeking to fulfill all objectives.

Important: When you go on a mission, stay tuned to weather and "failure condition". Some missions fail when time expires or if the goal is not met. If a demon does not need to be captured and defeated, the mission will fail.

Step 4: After completing its mission, the game will give you time to search for and collect items in the scene. In about 30 seconds you will be redirected to the village, back to the Command Center. Be careful at this point not to waste time and leave important items behind.

Step 5: When the mission is complete, you can see the list of collected items. You can sell them on the spot or save them in your inventory. After this step, your character will return to the Command Center. Items, equipment and Mitama listed in the missions can be fitted in the base. Sell items to help raise money for improvements to your character, buy new weapons and armor.