Assassin's Creed 4 Freedom Cry: Learn to Free Slaves in the new DLC

Cry Freedom, the newest DLC in the Assassin's Creed franchise from Ubisoft. The game allows the player to control Adewale on his murderous cause. A unique novelty is your Side Quests in which the killer should free slaves. Check out the tutorial and learn how to help them.

First, first of all open the map Assassin's Creed 4: Cry Freedom, which is equal to the Black Flag and locate a side quest (secondary mission) to free slaves.

Among the options are:
Type of Mission Description How to save them
Punishment Slaves being punished for foremen Defeat the foremen around and free the slaves
Harvest Working slaves to death in crop farms Defeat 20 foremen
Auction Slaves being sold, getting the tender bids Stop the auction killing three foremen and release the slaves
Prison Slaves are trapped and a foreman holds the key Locate the foreman with the key and open the cage
Chase A slave escaped and is being chased by a foreman Prevent the foreman to achieve the slave
Injury A slave is seriously injured and needs help Transportation slave to safety

Adopt the best strategy:

For each of these types of missions you must adopt the best strategy at the moment. In the case of crops, try to be stealthy, because if a guard sees it, he will immediately sound the alarm. Try to hide the plantations and attract the attention of foremen with Whistle and use data from sleep if you need to escape. In the case of auctions, you can use fireworks to distract attention from auctioneers and save the slaves more easily.

Beware the Blunderbuss, it is a great weapon, but if fired in an inappropriate location, you not only kill the guards, but also slaves. Avoid using it in public places, chase and in some cases, crops, because the distance to the overseers of the slaves is lower in this case. The same goes for crazed darts, shoot a foreman case, the chance of him killing a slave is pretty big.

In case of punishment, slaves are attached to the walls of houses to be flogged. Enjoy the roofs of houses to perform aerial assassinations foremen or use the sleep darts to shoot them down before they whipped slaves.

For wounded slave, do not forget to follow the minimap to see that no guards carrying a slave. Use the boxes to hide and dispose the body of the slave in a safe place as plants, if you need to kill a foreman who is disrupting your way.