Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze: how to fix the bug that prevents progress

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the new chapter in the Donkey Kong game series for Nintendo Wii U, is presenting problems for some players, impeding your gameplay progress. This is a bug that can occur during 3-3 and does not allow the player to follow along on his adventure. For now, there is no fix and the only solution is to avoid error. Learn how to do it with this tutorial.

The bug appears in phase 3-3, called Frantic Fields, but does not affect all users. For some reason not yet discovered when some players start to phase the path to the next step, the 3-4, comes to be opened but can not be tracked. You can only go to the store Funky Kong: Funky's Fly 'N' Buy.

It is likely that Nintendo release an update to fix this bug, but for now, the only solution is to avoid it. When passing through phase 3-2 3-3 and reach the return to the main game menu and make a copy of your save to an empty slot. Go back to the game, finish the level in question and if the bug appears, restore the copy to try again.

For players who are already experiencing the bug and can not complete a level, there is a solution at the moment, being necessary to start a new save. However, keep your old saved for the case of an update that fixes this defect.