Fifa 14: Create Set Pieces and corner Kicks for Fouls

In FIFA 14 the set pieces are deadly weapons. If the player learns to use them with a differential for the opponent, then even better. Therefore, DTGReview prepared the tutorial for creating set pieces in fouls and corners. Follow the walkthrough below, and learn how to take advantage of this type of bid.

Step 1: Go to play FIFA 14 menu and at the bottom right, where is the option of skill challenges, use the right analog to move to the Arena. Select it.

Step 2: Press the pause button and select the fourth option "Create Set Piece" to initiate the creation of a well-rehearsed move set pieces.

Step 3: On the next screen, a ball appears in the empty field. Use the directional pad or the left analog to "walk" with the ball and place it in the exact position of the fault - you can also put it in the corner flag

Step 4: Press "X" on the PlayStation or "A" to confirm the Xbox. Once again press the same button "Create New Set Piece" to start creating.

Step 5: Now, the field is filled with players. Use the right analog to switch the cursor between them. Move it toward the athlete who wants to control.

Step 6: To establish a position for a player, select it and use the directional pad or the left stick and place it where desired. Remember that this is the position where it is placed before the charging foul.

Step 7: Now it's time to configure the drive. Press circle (or "B") to start recording a movement. Then select the player you want to move, place them on the routes you want and make any changes you want to happen when the ball is rolled. When finished, press the button again.

Step 8: Then, test the move. Press "X" (or "A") so you can play your creation as if in a game even.

Step 9: If everything has gone well, when we return to the previous menu, press Square ("X" in the Xbox) to save the play.

Step 10: Then, select one of the directional points (if you run in analog) to write the play.

Step 11: So by the time it happens to missing or corner, simply push the directional (or left analog) in that direction, and players will make the desired movement.