Learn to download apps on Galaxy Fame, customize your smartphone

To download applications on Galaxy Fame and to personalize your cell phone, you must have a Google account. The Best Apps for the mobile operating system Android is Google Play and you must log in service to download them. This tutorial teaches you step by step so you can download apps on your Galaxy Fame and customize your mobile phone the way you want.

How to add a Google account on your Galaxy Fame

As stated above, to make application downloads Google Play, you must have a Google account linked to the phone. View as:

Step 1. Scroll to the application of the cell through the square marked in the image below;

Step2. On the new screen, tap on the figure key cog in what is written "Config.";

Step 3. Then scroll down until you see the "Accounts" touch on "Add Account"

Step 4. On the next screen, click "Google"

Step 5. The 'Add Google Account ", click" Existing "if you already have a Google account and login. If not, go to "New"

Step 6. On the next page, enter your name and click the down arrow. Then fill the line with your last name and tap the arrow to the right;

Step 7. Now is the time to choose the email address. Enter one you want to use and click the right arrow. The service will test availability. If there is no address like, just go to the next step;

Step 8. Create a password at least eight characters. Below, repeat the password and click the right arrow;

Step 9. Then you will give information to a possible recovery of passwords. First, choose one of the questions and answer correctly. You need to know exactly the answer when you need to recover your passcode. Below, provide a different email to the newly created Google send a link to change your password. Done, click the arrow again to the right;

Step 10. Then Google will ask if you want to join the social network Google Plus. If you want, click on "Part. Google + ". If you do not want, simply tap on the "not now";

Step 11. "End account" check the box "Enable Web History" if you want easy navigation so that the browser save pages that sailed. Also check "Keep me updated on news from Google Play" if you want to know about new Apps Store. If you do not want any of the options, just uncheck the boxes. Defined preferences, click the right arrow;

Step 12. During authentication of account, Google will ask you to write the characters you see in the white box in the row below. Then click again on the arrow to the right;

Step 13. The service prompts you to configure the credit card. This option is interesting for those who want to download paid apps. Therefore, registration is done only once and the value of the programs is discounted in the invoice card. If you choose the configuration option, you must enter all the required data. If not please tap "not now" - you can do so later;

Step 14. Finally, Backup, you must choose whether to keep the backup of the phone in your Google account. The option is interesting because, when backing up, you can enter another Android device, including your Google account and have access to the same apps and services that have the Galaxy Fame.

How to download apps on Galaxy Fame

Step 1. On the Home screen Galaxy Fame, visit marked down symbol;

Step 2. Option within the application, tap on the Google Play Store ;

Step 3. Play on Google, you can click on apps to see what's new, or go in the search bar and type the name of the application you want to download. In either case, simply click on the desired option and expect to open a new screen;

Step 4. On the new screen, you'll get information about the application. If I want to download, click "Install" and wait for the process to finish;

Step 5. After downloading, click Open. An icon of the downloaded app will appear on your phone. So just click on it to access the program.

Ready! To download other apps, simply repeat the process described above. So you can take your mobile social networking applications, photo editors, music players and more.