MGS: Ground Zeroes Find all Locations of MOAI Statues

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes: All Locations of MOAI Statues. During the side quest "rescue agents" you can find five MOAI statues. We listed below the places where these MOAI statues in MGS: at Ground Zeroes. Here you are paying attention to the fourth statue that you collect before the gate close. The other MOAI statues in the side mission "rescue agents" are easy to find.

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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes - all 5 MOAI statues in the side mission "rescue agents"

1 At the top of the tower after the first five opponents and the helicopter landing site in the territory of the warehouse.

2 Second In Chico's cell

3 In the guard tower at the corner of the building administrators. There, where the guard tried to fire a rocket launcher.

4 Leave the helicopter and does the opponent in the base. Run to the Rocket Launcher, and waits until the gate opens. Let by the tanks. The MOAI Statue can be found at the bottom right on the floor in the corner of the goal. It must be collected before the gate closes.

5 Find the square from the roof. At the base of the large tower where the other helicopter explodes. Your circles a few times around the tower before you do get the opportunity to meet.