Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: tips to do well in the game

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is the first game in the series to explore three-dimensional scenarios, starting from casual games for phones and tablets for multiplayer arenas. Now began to venture into the new game and need some tips to improve your scores? Check out our tips:

Start by playoff
The Gardens & Cemeteries mode may appear somewhat more attractive and fun, but a great idea is to start the playlist "Doormat". The mode is suggested right away to new players, and serves to learn the basic commands and mechanics of the game, already in the online environment.

In this mode, modified plants are not permitted, unless simple action making for beginners. Be sure to play a few rounds in order before facing the biggest challenges.

Test all the plants and zombies
Right away, some plants and zombies may seem considerably stronger and easier to play than the other. For this reason, many players end up ignoring other alternatives, without even trying them.

Be sure to play a few rounds with each of the units available in the game. Although very different and sometimes complex characters good alternatives to carry maps and different playing modes.

Learn to play with the two races
After a few matches, you'll notice that fared better with a class, be it plants or zombies. Do not let this hinder your income with another class.

A good idea is to look for similarities between their unit and one of the favorite characters of another race. This will allow you to "feel more at home", just across the field.

Do not be afraid to use the special abilities
The specials are unique abilities of each of the plants and zombies, which can be used at any time of departure. The use is controlled by a bar that needs to be charged every use.

Regardless, do not be afraid to use their special advantages to win, whether recovery lifestyle, smoke bombs or even missiles. The bar does not take long until loaded again, and if the character dies, it will be completed immediately. The uses are also cumulative.

Enhance your characters with items in store Figurines
With the coins acquired in each match, you can buy packs of baseball cards that come packed with items to customize their characters. Items can either change the appearance of the characters, adding new skills.

To edit the plants, go to the main menu and click the "Characters" option, where all items will be available for use.

Save money for more expensive packages
It may seem tempting to open a pack of baseball cards at all times, with coins achieved in some matches. Nevertheless, it is much more interesting coins together to buy the more expensive versions, which contain much stronger cards.

Among the rare cards, you can take various legal devices, or at, and a whole new plant, which can be chosen in the main modes of the game.

Gardens & Cemeteries in order, work in teams
The Gardens & Cemeteries mode works basically like Rush Battlefield, where attackers and defenders must battle teams for specific points on the map. Just like in the military shooter Dice, strategy and teamwork are essential to good performance.

Try using the headset to communicate with your teammates. Coordinated attacks are much more difficult to contain, as well as a well-organized defense is virtually insurmountable. Players dedicated to recover the lives of colleagues are also essential.