Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD: Tips for All 15 Medals- PC

In Resident Evil 4 HD you collect 15 blue medals in the farm and the cemetery of the village. In this beginner's guide to Resident Evil 4 HD, we tell you apart from general advice and why you collect all 15 medals. Although, you will gain the bonus weapon Punisher already 10 medals returned free of charge, however, bring the collection of all 15 medals in Resident Evil 4 HD for the Punisher a special advantage. The locations of all 15 medals in Resident Evil 4 HD can be found on the map.

Resident Evil 4 HD - Tip: All 15 medals for the free bonus weapon Punisher

At the dealer in Resident Evil 4 you are allowed to not only buy or sell weapons, but also just level up. Once you collect all 15 medals in the cemetery and the farm (10 to 14 medals to the dealer, otherwise include all 15) and returns only after that back to the dealer, you will receive the Punisher together first firepower upgrade to Level 2 Update the merchant in Resident Evil 4 HD are usually quite expensive, so you save a lot of coal here. The Punisher is therefore recommended, as their bullets hits several, located one behind the other opponents. Holt you the Punisher necessarily and then sold your normal gun. This brings even additional money in the cash register.

Resident Evil 4 HD - Tip: General tips for the game

With our tips for Resident Evil 4 HD, we offer you tricks to conserve ammunition and other helpful hints. Especially on the higher difficulty levels, there is a shortage of ammunition astray, which is why you should be sparing with the firing of guns or rifles. (As described above) Gets you the Punisher with 15 medals (Level 2 - firepower) and sold the standard pistol: First. This brings again coal that you invest in upgrades or new weapons. Saves you sure the ammunition shotgun and shells on! Later in Dorft a nasty villagers appears with chainsaw, for which there are 10,000 pesetas as a reward. However, you need a lot of firepower for him.

Resident Evil 4 HD - Tips: to find and match treasures

In Resident Evil 4 HD you will get a lot of resources which you may sell to merchants. But beware! Some treasures are well hidden. Later there is the dealer one card with all localities of the treasures of the areas (be sure to buy). But beware: There are areas in the village that no longer you are allowed to enter later! Destroy all the barrels or boxes and shoots on the hives in the treetops! Sometimes these valuable treasures included. Example: The Beer Stein - On the farm climbs her in the main hesitate a ladder, jumps on the canopy left through the window and let yourself fall straight down. The beer mug (or beer stein) her pimp on with three cats eyes and makes him so valuable to the dealer. Note: The Beer Stein alone brings 3,000 pesetas merchants. With all three cats eyes of the Beer Stein brings 20,000 pesetas. Can also be combined with other items - just try it out!

Resident Evil 4 HD - save ammunition, meaning of stun grenades

We also recommend you to buy in Resident Evil 4 HD upgrades for the suitcase merchants. Later, you wear so easily around more weapons, grenades and items with you. For normal enemies such as the Ganados you should use the knife as follows: Shoot at the legs or feet until the Ganados go to the ground. After that run out quickly and hit them with a knife until they are defeated. Walk the Ganados only in the knees, running her back and also missed them a kick. Kneel the opponent while in the group, you make a little splash damage. You asked what the stun grenades bring in Resident Evil 4 HD? Later you meet Ganados, from whose head slip a parasite. Now, instead of wasting a lot of ammunition to opponent this, just throw a flashbang. Also do not hesitate to buy for bigger bosses a disposable rocket launcher merchant. You save an enormous amount of ammunition.