Thief 2014: how to make the new game visually more similar to the classic

Thief 2014, the new game in the thieves’ franchise, brought many new features to update the classic franchise to more modern players, however, the producer Eidos also made choice to leave more like the first chapter title. Check changing Thief to make it more unique.

Step 1: When you start a new game, the difficulty selection screen: Rogue Thief Master and select the fourth option: Custom (Custom).

Step 2: In this new menu Custom Settings you will have the Base Difficulty option to choose difficulty levels Rogue, Thief or Master and below options called Classic Thief Mods.

Step 3: Place all items in Classic Thief Mods ON. The dots indicate how many more points you will receive per mission.

Step 4: If you want you can also call options and the difficulties Ultimate Legendary Thief.

Step 5: Press Y to confirm your choices.

Step 6: After the game starts, press Start and Pause select Options, then Display.

Step 7: Put all options OFF to disable the visual aids.

Step 8: Ready, its new Thief is visually closer and challenge of the original games.