Titanfall (PC) Complete solution: Guide with tips about options and tactics

In our Titanfall solution we give you tips on which options the mech shooter offers in the settings to improve the gaming experience. In addition, we explain the basic way as Titanfall should be played or suggest which play various mechanisms of the title. In addition, we devote ourselves to the titanfall guide on how you should fight with a Titan and what options you have in the fight against such a behemoth.

For future updates to our solution, we plan an overview of the total of 15 maps of titanfall. We also want to take a closer look at the different multiplayer modes and offer tactics.

Titanfall solution and Guide - General Tips for Getting Started

In our general tips for the multiplayer shooter titanfall case, we provide initial assistance for a successful entry. With our solution, you are not completely lost in your first round on the battlefields.

The game settings

Before we discuss the actual gameplay, let's first take a close look at the settings. In the graphics options to tourists is a parameter which for many may already be a great help - are talking about the so-called "field of view", also known as field of view. The farther you move this bar to the right, the greater the cut that you see later on the battlefields of titanfall. For comparison, below is a slider: left hand side you see the minimum value of the field of view, right on the other hand, the maximum value. We can only recommend to you, the value to be set as high as possible to literally not leaving the action from the corner of your eye.

In the fast pace of the game from titanfall, it may be helpful to set the mouse sensitivity higher than you would normally do. In addition, quite a few players in the beta have made the experience that the control is based on the pleasant hand, if the key assignment for the melee (default: c) is shifted to a mouse button.

The tutorial

Granted, for hardcore gamers as it may sound strange, but do you and your teammates a favor and play the tutorial: In several sections presented to you this 20 minute-long introduction, the central game elements from titanium case - starting with the reminiscent of Mirror's Edge Wall Runs, the great freedom of movement, when combined with the Jump Kit, to the control of the eponymous Titans, the basic possibilities offered to you titanium case are explained here.

How Titanfall is actually playing?

Titanfall plays fast, very fast, and its many game mechanics that claim. It's worth it, for example, not necessarily to target iron sights if you want to fire a precise shot, because the weapons are in titanfall, even when shooting from the hip comparatively precise. So instead of reducing the pace remains in the fighting in motion.

Especially since a frontal play pays off elsewhere: namely kills can shorten the waiting time for your Titan! In this regard particularly easy to make by concentrate initially on AI opponents until you get your Titan. Another special feature of titanfall: While the maps of most shooter games usually provide almost level, titanium case is designed so that the players make good use of wall-runs and double jumps to reach elevated locations. Pay attention therefore not only possible opponent that could have left and right of you are, but always retain in mind that you might be lurking under or above any enemy players.

You should stay only in rare cases for a longer period on the same level. Titanfall offers a variety of exercise options - use these too!

The fight with and against Titans

Now we come to the main feature of the game, the eponymous Titans. We'll give you tips about how her fighting with and compete against the giants.

Titan against Titan

In the fight against Titan Titan counts above all a clever combination of the capabilities of jet thrust and vortex shield in conjunction with your primary and secondary weapons. The jet thrust is a strong boost, with which you can quickly move in a certain direction. With the Vortex Shield averts loss of your Titan. In addition, catch onto you looking projectiles, which you can then fling back at your enemies. Bear in mind that this ability can not be used indefinitely. Thus applies as for duel: who blinks first, loses. The effect fizzles when you reflexively high crossing the plate in every fight.

Pilot against titanfall

One directly in front: As a single pilot you will hardly arrive against a Titan, and certainly not in the open field. While each class has a special anti-Titan weapon, but you should always make it short use, go back into cover or change the location and then attack again. Attack titanfall optimally, only appropriate when it is already involved in a fight, and it is not too close, because it can easily crush you. It is recommended at this point the "Rodeo" attack where you jump a Titan on the shoulder and it is your most defenseless - risky, but express effectively.

Our titanfall with solution guide will be updated in the coming days!