Watch the trailer for the film "The Giver" featuring Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift appears in the new movie trailer for the upcoming movie The Giver, which was released this morning, Wednesday (19).

The film, an adaptation of the book of the same name by author Lois Lowry, tells the story of a young man who lives in a futuristic city, which erased the memories of its citizens, it is the guy responsible for keeping the memory of the past. For this, he will get training with the Giver, played by Jeff Bridges.

Taylor Swift plays Rosemary, a young woman who follows the teaching of the Giver. In the trailer, the artist appears during the passage of flashbacks, wearing a brunette wig.

Besides Taylor Swift, the cast also includes actresses Meryl Streep and Katie Holmes.

The film opens in theaters on August 15.

Check out the trailer for The Giver below: