A Quick Guide to PES 2014 soccer game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 has a great variety of trickery, from the simplest to the most complex and impressive. The big problem is that most times, the passes are not easy to perform. Grieving is to hit some beautiful moves? Learn how to perform some of the most efficient dribbling game.

Simple Cut
A favorite of players from the older versions, the simple cut is one of the easiest and safest ways to leave defenders behind. Dribbling can be used by all players of the game, including goalkeepers.

To make a cutting motion press the kick button and then quickly the pass. You can also direct the court holding the left analog to the desired side. To use the cut on your defensive field, press the long pass, and soon after the pass button.

Immortalized by the French playmaker Zinedine Zidane, turning 360 is a great choice for hitting earliest advocates. When executed with perfect timing, it is virtually impossible to be canceled by one or even two rivals.

To execute the spin, tap the right stick forward quickly and then do the same with the left stick. It is important that the commands are given quickly, or the player will do the dribble.

Cut Letter
Ideal for fast skilled players that can dribble to create space in the game stronger defenses. A good alternative is to use it on the sides or the bottom line, while being chased by a defender.

To make the cut, hold the right stick forward, release it quickly and hold the left analog to the desired side. Dribbling can be difficult to run the first few times, but a little training will help to master the technique.

Internal Finta
This quick feint can help the player to fool defenders, especially when manually controlled by the adversary. Dribbling can be used anywhere in the field, and works especially well in infiltration diagonally.

To run the feint tap the right analog stick back and then left analog forward. Stay'll get it because diagonal commands depending on the positioning of the player, you need the analog.

Shooting in Vacuum
Signing of midfielder Valdivia of Palmeiras, the kick in the vacuum can also be done in PES 2014. Though seem somewhat cosmetic, dribble, when used well, can finish knocking or cheating opponents, leaving the way clear for a run or cross.

To run it you need to be with the player stopped (press L1 or LB). After that, press the kick button, and then quickly pass. To use the cut on his defensive field, press the long pass, and soon after the pass button.

In a few moments, when any attempt to short dribble may seem in vain, a scooter can solve the problem, since you can go through several players at once.

To make it easy. Double-press the right analog stick (R3) to run the dribble. Note that it is much easier to hit with more skilled players like Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and

One of the best ways to catch an opponent off guard with a hat is just after dominating the ball. This gives time to run and rescue the round quickly, leaving the defender without knowing what happened.

To apply the hat, press the right analog stick (R3) so they get the ball, and then tap the left stick to the desired side.

If a scooter or hat not resolve the problem, a great alternative is the sombrero, a kind of front sheet. It can only be performed by more skilled players, and is quite effective in any part of the field.

To do so, just to head towards the opponent and hold the right analog stick (L3). It is still possible to direct the dribble down the left analog stick to either side.