AC / DC may not end their career as a Band

Several media outlets in Australia are taking for granted the news that AC / DC announce the end of their playing career. The reason for the decision was the state of health of the guitarist Malcolm Young. As no representative or member of the group is also spoken, and there are rumors that are spreading rapidly.

According to the freelance writer Darryl Mason (The Orstrahyun), Malcolm suffered a stroke that left a blood clot in his brain and left him unable to play.

The band was scheduled to meet in early April to start rehearsals that would create a new album and tour, when Malcolm realized he could not play anymore - at least not as ever touched. He says he has friends and family as sources of guitarist and says an official conference will be held tomorrow (16).

Going in the opposite direction of the rumors, the newspaper The Australian, said a music industry source ensures that all these stories are false and that AC / DC will begin recording their new album from May 1 in Vancouver.

The AC / DC is one of the most popular bands of all time. The group has sold over 200 million copies of their albums. Since the 90s they are also known by the big gaps between her albums and tours - since 1990 they have released only four albums.