Boom Beach: Beginner's Tips for Clash of Clans successor

The Clash of Clans successor Boom Beach, the makers of Supercell deliver from their latest work for iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone. We offer tips for beginners, with which you play the first basic things in boom Beach. Besides gold and wood in boom Beach is one of the most important resources. Your populated island groups, is creating an army and then take in boom Beach other islands in order to enlarge your territory.

Boom Beach - wood and gold as an important resource.

After cut down all forests on your island, you should send out your landing craft to occupy more islands. Wait here to logging to fresh gold new forests. You are allowed to build up properly in your boom Beach wood stock. In terms of gold you trust initially at your cottage. However, you are allowed only 1 gold. Use here upgrades resources. With the conquest of the other islands get their fresh gold and wood.

Both commodities transport to your main island. Also build new huts in boom Beach to get even more gold. Through the sawmill reduce their wood. But beware, share your resources. In an emergency, it also falls trees through the use of gold coins. However, this you should use with care.

Boom Beach - Tips - Watch for attacker

After you capture an island, you should not feel one hundred percent sure in boom Beach. So you should, after the conquest of a new island quickly build up a defense before you invest in the exploitation of raw materials. Unlike your base island your opponents are allowed to take your occupied islands right back. The so-called guard time after an attack in boom Beach ensures that you will not be attacked several times. A counter-attack should be well thought out, eventually forfeit your protection time as soon as you re going on the offensive.

Also, the right timing for updates of the buildings in boom Beach wants to be well thought out! The protection time offers you an advantage here. Are you sure an update of a building, so you considered really good, how likely is an opponent's attack during the time of the upgrade. You can lose all the islands and the associated resources in boom Beach.

Boom Beach - plan your own attacks

In terms of their own attacks on enemy players in the game you should prepare yourself well. Use upgrades for landing craft to transport more troops. After you have successfully carried out an attack on an island dürft command your troops back into their base. In order to control your landing craft indirectly on enemy buildings, do you use the flags. Boats depart again, this route from. Always chooses the shortest way to the opponent's buildings.


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