Check out the Best Apps created by Music Stars!

Check out the list of mobile apps most interesting and unusual, inspired or created by artists.

In times where technology is increasingly present in our daily lives, some musicians enjoying the wave to explore new ways to disseminate their work.

A creative way today is the launch of apps for smartphones, increasingly accessible and used by millions of people. These apps can be a tool for customizing photos or games to entertainment and pass the time.

iDaft - Daft Punk

That game allows the user to become a DJ with the same level of dual robots and play your music, like the hit "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger ". You can even create remixes.

AC / DC - Pinball Rocks

This is a smartphone version of the classic pinball game. This app has very detailed graphics and a soundtrack featuring the songs from the band, including original recordings of the voice of Brian Johnson.

Fall Out Bird - Fall Out Boy

The Flapbird game, which turned fever last year and won numerous copies, also got inspired by Fall Out Boy . Instead Finch, the player controls one of the band members and to cross obstacles made by guitars without letting it touch them .

Drake Dress - Drake

This unusual application gives the user the chance to become a personal stylist Canadian rapper. Through it, you can invent different looks for the musician, wearing it the way you want and suits you.

Snoopify - Snoop Dogg

This fun app turns any person (or even animal), a real gangsta. With it, users can edit photos and add embellishments rappers in people, such as chains, sunglasses and hats, and even share them with friends.

It's Britney - Britney Spears

This is for anyone who is a fan of the Princess of Pop and need to be aware of your news. It's Britney is a singer managed by the staff and providing freshly baked information in real time application, plus photos and other bonuses.

Kiss Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber

Among the many apps inspired by Justin Bieber , Justin Bieber's Kiss. Developed for the fanatical followers, who cultivate the dream of becoming girlfriends teen star, the application allows you to mark several photos of the singer with kisses.

Taylor Swift Greeting Cards - Taylor Swift

As the name implies, this application inspired by the album " Red "lets you create and send e-cards with messages for a loved one. Besides being able to be customized with exclusive pictures, cards can be sent via email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter.

Beat That Boardwalk - DJ Pauly D

This app visually the classic 8-bit game is a video game, where you control the character DJ and need to go through stages and defeat the enemies, and can even unlock bonus.

Artpop - Lady Gaga

To promote the album "artpop", Lady Gaga launched an app that brings all the experience of the fan disk. Through it, users can download the songs, talking to each other and explore their creativity in the same way that Mother Monster.