Create Custom Weapons in The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO)

The Elder Scrolls Online, the MMORPG expected in the world of The Elder Scrolls, lets players develop various skills and one of them is the ability to create weapons. However, some players find it difficult to understand this mechanical creation. Check this tutorial on how to create custom weapons.

First of all, for making weapons is important to collect the necessary items for your building. The game has a system of "crafting" where the player collects items in the environment and convert them into materials capable of creating weapons, armor and other items.

Collecting materials and ingredients
To begin, you need to collect different types of "ore", a kind of raw material. You can find almost anywhere on the map during your missions or explorations.

Tip: Stones "Pray" can usually be found around normal rocks. Look collect them quickly, preventing other players collect your stuff first and hinder its mining. Also look for them on mountains and hills.

Another way to collect items to build weapons is to extract these materials for other purposes, such as other weapons already made or even armor, as you'll see below. Remember that it is only possible to extract materials from swords, daggers and heavy armor.

Where to build a weapon?
With the collected material, you need to find a station "Blacksmithing". You can find them in big cities, usually near shopping centers. Or just visit your map by pressing "M" to locate it.

Important: When using the station for the first time, a mini guide will help you understand the basic aspects of the construction and improvement of items. Stay tuned for tips, it will be very useful during the development of your character throughout the game.

Transforming the raw material
First, you need to turn the "Pray" collected in a material called "ingots". This material is used to create items and will be used to mount your weapon. To start converting, just click the Creation Station and select the "Extraction" tool shown in the image below. It is also possible to dismantle weapons as previously mentioned.

Important: You must collect ten pieces of "Pray" to create ten pieces of "ingots". Recalling that the conversion is not always right, and you usually get eight to nine "Ingots" and a special stone. Keep these stones, they will be useful to enhance their future weapons.

Creating a custom gun
To create your weapon, click the first option of creating interface, called "Creation." In "Type" you select the weapon you want to build. The next step is to add the amount of material you want to use by pressing the plus sign. The first material available are the "Ingots" that you created earlier.

Change the material creation also change the strength of your weapon. The more "Ingots", the stronger your weapon. But remember that this also increases the level required to use it, so stay tuned to the data that appears on the left side, showing the strength and level of your new creation.

You can also choose the look of your gun in "Style". For this it is necessary to purchase special stones that change the appearance of objects. They can be found with a seller who usually stays close to the breeding season.

Finally, press "R" to create your new weapon.

Important: At the beginning of the game, your character can only create simple weapons. Going forward, using the "Research" tab on creating station, he may find "Traits", special abilities that can be added into your gun.