Ether One complete walkthrough – PC/Mac

Ehter one is a Myst-like, an adventure to the first person, which deals with the fragility of the human spirit.

You play as a restaurateur who has the gift of the restructure. You are in charge of a patient: Jean Thornton followed by Dr. Phyllis Edmonds. With the capsule of the Institute Ether, you get access to the memory of the patient suffering from a mental illness affecting memory. You have to collect items that may be important, find ribbons, repair projectors solving puzzles to regain some of the patient's memory.

Feel free to read all notes in your progress.

Follow the footsteps of the defining events of the patient via the restorer exploring his memories with a complete Ether one walkthrough.

Table of Contents

1 - Prologue
2 - Devlin Mine
3 - Pinwheel Harbor
4 - Brimclif Mine


You will become familiar with the controls of the game by making a tour of the Institute Ether and the unconscious of the patient called the case.

Ether Institute

You are in an elevator. Press the left button to open the door.

Walk towards the kind of work of art. Do as displayed on the screen to bring up the name of the object in question: Ethernal rock.

Off at the reception. Press the bell on the counter for your presence. A voice is heard to tell you what to do. You must sign the register and take a swipe card.

Sign the register left on the counter.

Go behind the counter. Open a drawer. Take a magnetic card.

Go ahead and past the staircase. Dr. Phyllis Edmonds tells you what will happen and will guide you. You must go in the room restoration 3.

At the end, open the door leading to the office.

You can enter right into the laboratory test 01. You can play on a monitor and a note on a table. Once you have everything inspected, get out.

Come to left and enter an office right.

Go left. Open safe. Ask your swipe card and take the coil.

Place the spool on the projector. Activate it. Listen to Phyllis. The patient in her care was inactive projectors.

Take your magnetic card and exit.

Retrace your steps and turn left before the waiting room. Read the report on the monitor and the letter on the desk.

Open the door. Go down the stairs. Right at the end, open the door toward the dining room 3.

Walk along the corridor. The lights come on gradually as you go along. Open the door.

Inside the chamber restoration 3, you can not find anyone but you hear the voice of Phyllis to ask you to do the implementation.

Go right to the terminal. Ask the magnetic card and press the red button. Door housing supply opens. Must replace the fuse. Approach the housing supply to note that you must 300A.

Take the fuse and place it near the magnetic card.

Go to the other side of the workpiece. The shelves, you fuses. Examine them to see which one is right. Take the correct fuse.

You can view the patient record on the monitor and the card: John Thornton - 69 year old woman.

Return to the power box and put the right fuse inside and press the red button.

Take your magnetic card.

Phyllis invites you to sit in the seat. Sit in the chair.

You down. At the bottom, just surround plates to form a capsule. You find yourself in the dark. After a while, the lights come on and Phyllis puts you in condition.

Water submerges the capsule. Images pass before you. Phyllis says she will always contact you.

Phyllis explains. You are inside the subconscious patient materialized in a room where you will love to come back. Views will explore the memories of the patient and at the same time, Phyllis follows your progress.

The patient tissue damage in the brain causing dementia.

You have 4 sealed doors representing 4 places. You will have to inspect these 4 places:

- Mines Brimclif: Brimclif Mines

- Port Pinwheel: Pinwheel Harbour

- Industry Pinwheel: Pinwheel Industrials

- Village Pinwheel: Pinwheel Village.

Between the sealed doors, you have racks where ribbons appear when you touch in different places.

For each display, a music box placed above will open when you found all the red ribbons in a given location. If you press the music box, music is heard and the door corresponding to the display turns. You can then access them.

In this case, your vision will be blurred but you will be equipped with a camera. Take photos in parts of the house to have a fragment of memory of a specific event.

You can collect items to put on the shelves.

You can go down. A safe is but the combination elements are absent. You will find them in different places.

Later, you have a projector. At first, you do not have coils but As you progress in the repair of projectors, you can listen and see the different coils of different places you've crossed.

To the right of the kitchen you have a door leading to the photo lab. There you have all the relevant pictures you taken in the different moments of the life of the patient.

Whenever you place a door on the floor, you must shoot 4 individual areas of the house for 4 photos for each event.

To the left of the kitchen you have access to a room where you have tables where documents will be added above if large.

Phyllis asks you to access the memory in the first place: The Mining Devlin - Devlin Mines.

Do not forget to read all the papers, notes, letters or other to learn more about the life of the patient but also to collect clues.

Devlin Mine

For starters, you must make your first mission: enter the mine and repair the projector first

The entrance to the mine

You find yourself at a picnic in nature. Turn around and go right. At the end, go down the stairs. Down, cross the bridge. You are at the entrance of the mine.

Go to the bottom and down stairs. Enter the house across the street.

Phyllis believes that the focus of the memory is lower in an old abandoned mine: Devlin.

In the room to the left, you find a note that speaks of a combination which should be written on a metal plate.

Go upstairs and come to the office. Have a plate of bronze noted behind 1670.

Take the sheet and put it in the typewriter. Type and read.

Down and out.

Go right and then left. At the bottom, turn right to be in front of a door with a lock code. Bring up 1670 and the door opens.

Advance in the water and go left towards the plane of an engine. Note which way to turn valves (left to right): left - right - left - right - left.

Retrace your steps and go right. At the end turn valves like on the plane.

Turn the knob to the left. The water drains.

Go left on the rails. At the bottom, turn the lever. The elevator descends.

Air compression
At the bottom, go ahead. Climb the stairs to the right. You have a note on boards on a problem of clogged drains. Go right and you will find a letter on a desk. Steve seeks manual air compression and request it to be put on his desk.

Take a bottle in a locker.

Go to the other side. Place the bottle in the press and lower the lever. The bottle breaks. Take the broken bottle.


Go left. Make a cut in the pipe. Go ahead and down the gallery, cut the pipe. Panel in front of you opens. Continue.

At the end, score another pipe. A new passage opens.

Advance. Take on the table manual air compressor industrial mining.

Retrace your steps to put the manual on the table.

Turn around to see the projector condition. Activate it. This throws a bottle of perfume.

After a moment, a new access opens. Go.

Follow the path until you come to a blue stone. Take it. Phyllis asks you to destroy it because it is what causes the symptoms of dementia in patients.

In front, you have a press. Put the blue stone in the press and lower the lever. John asks you to stop while Phyllis tells you to continue to have access to other parts of the mind.

Turn the lever again. The stone then reacts. Follow the eyes. She disappears leaving room for a door. that opens and you are drawn into the opening.

You go through times and places through different doors.

You return to the case.

You will have a number of actions to restore before a projector. If you're lost, you can return the case to see the goals on the screen by selecting the locations corresponding to the projector.

Pinwheel Harbor

Select on map to go to Harbor.

You arrive in a room upstairs.

Go down the stairs. In the kitchen, open the cupboard to take a combination element.


Go right to come into the barn below.

Take a bottle of beer on the table.

Basically, you have a red ribbon.

The red ribbon is a fragment of the patient's memory who materializes in display near the doors in the case.


Go ahead and down wooden stairs.

Down, go left and enter the house on the right. Approach the red tape which decays.

Take a combination element in the trunk.


Go left at the end to enter a house.

Climb up to the attic to read the note on the table and listen to the answering phone enclosed in a cabinet.


Down stairs. You have a red ribbon.

Go left down another staircase.

You have 4 projectors repair in these places.

Pinwheel Harbor Door
When you have found all the red ribbons in Pinwheel Harbor, back in the case.

Touch the music box near the door open Pinwheel Harbor. At the end of the melody, a door opens and materializes.


Go ahead and go to the different parts with photos to see if there is a change in the room:

- On the furniture in the lobby

- On the boxes in the closet or pantry

- On the little table where the bottle in the dining room

- On the kitchen table.

This is a birthday party.

New Destinations
Walk along the beach and the port and finally the river. Pass the gate is now open.

From the meadow, you can go to 3 locations:

- Pinwheel Village coming directly to the left to come to the gate on the bridge

- Mine Brimclif going into the river by turning on the left into a cavity in the rock

- Industrial Pinwheel going into the river at the far end.

Brimclif Mine

From Pinwheel Harbour, follow the river and take the passage in the rock on the left.

Repair 5 projectors and find 8 red ribbons:

- Mine Shaft

- Design

- Vigil Miners

- Fragments

- Canary

Mine Shaft
Go ahead and go to the end. Look at the panel.

Equip yourself hammer (found in the office of the shop bell port Pinwheel in a locker or left piping). Hit the pipes as follows: Tin 1x - 3x Iron - Tin 1x. A car arrives.

Take the valve in the car. Place it on the machine with the other.

Turn valves from left to right: left - right - left - right - left. Lower the lever to the left.

Jump into the water and take the gallery. At the end, turn around and climb stairs. You have a red ribbon.

Look slate on the table indicating the level: 380.

Retrace your steps and come to the mining panel depth (depth of mining). Displaying: 380 and lower the lever to the right.

Move the projector to see a stethoscope.

Out of the water and go right. You no longer have protection strips and you have access to lifts.

Take the tape in a car in the elevator. Turn the lever down.

Go left. You have an answering phones in a small closet. Continue.

You have access to Industrial Pinwheel at this location.

Turn around and go down the stairs to reach a red ribbon.

Retrace your steps and go straight.

On the right, you have a red ribbon. In a locker door, you find a purple bulb.

Put the purple bulb on the lamp and look at the table. Other indications are displayed: F380 - F400 - 0314 - F420 - 1151 - F480 - 1403.

Come back and go right. Come to a panel mining depth. Displaying 400 and lower the lever to the right.

Turn around and not very far, you have a red ribbon near the yellow drill.

Cross the bridge and at the end, you have a red ribbon.

Open a record for a figurine.

Retrace your steps and go left down the stairs. After you have a red ribbon and a lever with a combination.

Enter the code 0314. The lever down automatically. A panel rises revealing pipes some of which are not to the ground.

Reassemble and go right. Open the door on the right to see the series of pipes with rings. A pipe has a missing ring.

You can find either by modifying the mining depth to 480 and lowering the lever and you will have a hose clamp or ring on a box (then return to 400) or on the desktop behind the blue door of the shop bells at the port of Pinwheel.

Place the ring on the pipe does not.

Scroll down rings some pipes in order (rated from 1 to 14 from left to right and from the bottom up): 6 - 7 - 05/13/12 Exit..

Move the projector to see a baby pacifier.

Take what there is in the trunk: a drill.

Miners Vigil
Enter the mining depth panel 420 and then lower the lever.

Go left. Later, you have a red ribbon.

Take a bible in a suitcase.

Climb the stairs. You have a handle with combination. Enter the code 1151 and the lever down automatically. A panel rises. Pass it on.

Put the bible on desks then for each panel (on 5).

Blow the candles until John says 2 times something.

Operate the projector that shows a medal.

Go down and take the bit in the trunk that opened.

Show on the panel of mining depth 480 then lower the lever.

Go left. You have a band on a box.

Turn right and move toward the closed position by a combination grid. Enter code 1403.

Take the tape.

Continue to find another band left a closed panel.

Stand on a bridge and at the end, you have a band on a crate.

Scroll down and go to the gallery to the left of the stairs where you are staying. At the end, you have a Red Ribbon.

Retrace your steps.

Continue straight and go up. Look at the poster with the inscription "FATHER" .

On the left, you have a band on a crate. Off.

Go outside the gate. Go to the right of the grid to go down stairs. Take a tape on a box.

You can see the dial a little further.

Come close to the machine. Go behind the camera to the right and press the red button to turn it on.

Return to the machine. Put the tape on the machine and you find that each band corresponds to a word by pressing the red button to listen.

We must put the words in the correct order to have words with initial FATHER as on the poster: Fragment - A - Torn - Help - Everyone - Remember.

Move the projector to display a ticket.

Take the drill in the trunk.

After obtaining the three drills turning 3 projectors, 3 drills put on the yellow machine to.

Follow the taking gallery. The drill has pierced a wall later in the galleries.

Turn the lever. The lights go out.

Run to the cages 6 one after the other. Whenever you reach a platform, you will hear the song of a bird.

Come and operate the projector showing a picture.


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