Ghost Recon Phantoms: Learn to play the Free FPS game

Ghost Recon Phantoms is the new free to play FPS video game developed by Ubisoft. The game has amazing looks, three different classes to play in a team and an innovative gameplay. In addition, the game also comes with lots of weapons and skills to improve the performance of the players. Learn now taking its first steps in this well-crafted game.

A new vision for FPS
The first thing you notice when you start playing the game is that it actually is not entirely in first person. The initial view is third person, and becomes at first when pressing the button crosshairs.

This large difference to other FPS makes the game stand out from the possibility of creating better strategies. You can, for example, remain protected behind a wall and you can see who comes to it without having to leave their protected position.

The third person view also provides better visualization of the map and around it, allowing greater care not to be caught off guard by attacks in the rear.

The menu
The game menu is simple with easy access to the fighting. To start playing just click the "Play" button that appears in the upper corner of the screen. Around, you will notice several icons to access options, inventory, profiles, leaderboard and more.

The rectangular box on the right, you will have access to various challenges and goals to be achieved to assist in the evolution of his character. These goals are great for leveling faster and get better weapons.

By pressing "Play", you will be directed to another screen, with the "Matchmaking" and "Clan Match" options. Then click the "Matchmaking", choose a game from the options that appear on the map and then click "Start Search" option.

Players can choose from three classes, each with access to their own combinations of weapons and technological devices with a strategic purpose.

Assault: Searching face the enemy head on, making way through the enemy lines and enabling his squad to advance.

Recon: Joint intelligence and stealth tactics to attack more efficiently and protect his teammates.

Support: The one with the most firepower. Have the best devices to get fighting heavily armed attack enemy positions.

Keyboard – Commands

Keys - Functions
WASD - Handling
Left mouse button - Shoot
Right-click - Aim
Spacebar - Staying in cover
E - Skip coverage
Shift - Run
C - Crouching
R - Reload
1 - Primary Weapon
2 - Secondary weapon
3 - Grenade
Z - Special Ammunition
TAB - Score table
F - Class ability
Enter - Talking in Chat
Esc - Options / exit