Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - tips for beginners

Since April 16, 2014, the iOS version of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is available for download. The Free2Play title has a size of 480 MB. Anyone who has ever played Hearthstone on the PC, know how to use his cards and his deck in the iOS version. With the mobile version of Hearthstone many new players Blizzard will certainly want to retest online trading card game. We want to give some useful tips for these new comers. Our tips are based on the PC version and the gameplay has remained unchanged.

As usual with trading card games, you imagine of single cards called "decks." With this deck you step online then against other players or against PC opponents. A little tip: Hearthstone is a collectible card game, but not a trading card game! That is, you can not exchange your cards with other players. New cards will receive on packages that earned in-game gold (or real money) buys.

In our beginner tips to Hearthstone, we summarize the most important information to the online trading card game and give you more useful tips and tricks at hand. We also give the most important information on topics such as game modes, classes, maps, gold, money and the end of the match. So it is certainly well equipped for the online gaming. More information about the game and gameplay footage from the PC version you can find collected on our Hearthstone -topic page.

Tip: The game modes
Of course you Hearthstone offers different game modes. Duel with AI opponents are wonderful for learning the basics of the game and to practice. In "Play" mode carries out its regular multiplayer duels, relying use created of you deck. Once you've unlocked all the classes you are allowed to compete in the Arena mode. In this game mode Hearthstone you do not then use your own decks, but you have to randomly selected cards to put together a viable deck. With this deck, you then play for as long against other arena player until you win 12 times or 3 times you have lost. Of course, the following applies: The more you win, the bigger your booty. In addition to tickets packages you have since the chance of gold, Arcane Dust and individual cards.

The classes
In Hearthstone are nine classes to choose from, but you have to unlock first. Did you then unlock a class, you are allowed to even play with this class and create corresponding decks. Each of the nine Hearthstone classes in this case has a unique special ability and a set of class-specific cards that can be played only with this class. Class special abilities cost you 2 mana crystals and can be triggered only once per round. These tips and tricks we do not want to miss it, to give you an overview of the basic skills. Tip: The capabilities of some classes can be changed by certain cards:

Druid: Shapeshifting
Warlock: Bloodletting
Hunter: Steady Shot
Warrior: Upgrading!
Mage: Fire Blast
Paladin: gain
Priest: Low healing
Shaman: Totem Summon (summons random one of the following totems: Healing Totem , Totem Storm anger , combustion totem , stone claw totem . totem of each can exist on the field only one copy at a time)
Rogue: Dagger Mastery

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Beginner's Tips: Cards and Crafting

Tip: The Card
Hearthstone cards are divided into two general categories: base cards and professional cards. The base cards are those cards that automatically purchased from the first game starts. It also includes in Hearthstone also class-specific cards that unlock through the levels of the hero classes to level 10. These cards are not included in any cards and packages can not be made through crafting. Most maps, however, referred to in Hearthstone as a professional card. You can find them in card packs and you can create them on the crafting. In addition, you'll get it off the map packs sometimes called Arena Rewards. The cards in Hearthstone are divided into different quality levels:

Usually (White)
Rare (blue)
Epic (purple)
Legendary (orange)

The quality of the card indicates how rare it is in Hearthstone. This assignment is fixed - no card exists in different levels of quality. There are all the cards, however, still in a "golden" version. They bring you in the game, although no advantage, but simply looks better. Gold cards have a gold border and are often animated. But, as already stated, the values and effects of a gold card is equal to the "normal" variant. Have an advantage the gold card but: Unassembled, you get more for them arcane dust, as for ordinary cards.

Tip: Special maps: Secrets
Most cards in Hearthstone summon creatures, solve magic, or equip your hero with a weapon. A card type we want to present in this entry-tips but more precisely, the map type secrets. Some classes have this secret spell. They are played face down and activate their effects only when a certain condition is met (exactly once). Although the respective opponent sees that a mystery was played, which he does not know. That is why you should know what secrets do the different classes in the repertoire to respond strategically. These secrets hidden in the Hearthstone cards:


Freezing Trap
Sharp Shooting
Snake Trap
Booby trap


Ice Barrier
Block of ice
Mirror shape


Eye for an Eye
Heroes and martyrs

Tip: How does the production of maps
As mentioned above, you cannot trade cards in Hearthstone with other players, but you can make all professional cards. For this, you need only arcane dust that will get as a possible reward at the conclusion of an arena-round. Or you disenchanted cards that do not need it. As the production of cards in Hearthstone works exactly, we show you in the attached video. The clip comes from the PC beta version. This looks a bit different now, but at the basic operation has not changed.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft: Beginner's Tips: The Match

According to the map, we now turn to that part of Hearthstone, where you need them: the match. We tell you how a match occurs and use her as your cards.

Tip: How does a match
The two opponents in a match bring first a heroic figure on the pitch. It has at the beginning of the match over 30 life points. The match ends when the hit points of a hero figure are depleted. So far, so easy. Tip: Losing both heroes their last life points at the same moment, both players have lost the match. So Harakiri actions make little sense!.

To activate cards you need in the match mana. The stock W of mana crystals, which is available to you (and of course can be influenced by special cards) increase from round to round. Without the use of cards that affect the Mana, the following applies: In the first round you have a mana crystal available in the second round there are two crystals, and so on ... In ten mana crystals, however, is the maximum.

The course of the fighting in Hearthstone is simple and easy to understand. Creatures can strike usually after playing immediately. If they are then but "available", creatures and also own hero (if he gets an attack value by maps or weapons) may attack each enemy target. So you can also directly attack the enemy hero, even if the opponent has creatures on the field. There is one exception, however: creatures with "Mock" attribute. The must from its own heroes and their own creatures out of the way before other opponents attacked. However, this restriction does not apply to spells.

To attack your creatures or to defend, you must enable it in Hearthstone. Useful tip: Your creatures can attack, although only once a train, but they can defend as often as you want! Whenever two creatures meet, share both from damage. Which creature rides the attack or how often a creature has already been attacked in the current round here does not matter. An exception is again the magic: If a creature attacks with a spell, there is no counter-attack. Unlike similar card games such as Magic: The Gathering to your creatures do not regenerate automatically at the end of a round. Pocket damage and the creatures can kill as well as several rounds. Vitality points but you can restore about healing effects.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Beginner's Tips: Gold and Play mode

Last but not least we want to say a few words in-game currency gold: We tell you why you need it and how you get it from. In addition, we present a small tip to play mode in Hearthstone.

Tip: Where gold comes from and how it uses it
Do you want to spend any real money for tickets in Hearthstone, Have you use the in-game currency gold. Gold gets you card packages (100 gold per package of five cards, one of which at least one rare or better quality) or bought you the access to the arena (150 gold for one round). Tip: Even if you end up a single victory in the arena, you get a guaranteed card package! If you then consider that the additional arena prices such as gold and arcane dust to rise fairly quickly with wins, the investment of 150 gold for an arena-round can be much more lucrative than investing "only" 100 Gold for a pack of cards! In Hearthstone you come up with three types of gold: on quests, victories and the achievement of certain milestones Hearthstone.

Every day you'll get in Heartstone a quest. In your quest log can store up to three quests. The objectives of this quest tasks are very different. For example, your task might be, the enemy heroes away inflict 100 points of damage over several games, deor the quest requires you five games with Mage decks to win. Depending on the time of the completion of a quest with 40 or 60 pieces of gold will be rewarded. But victories automatically bring gold. Ten gold pieces are there if you have three times fought victory in the "Play" mode. Gold rewards on top of that the achievement of the following milestones:

Let's go: All classes unlocked (100 gold and unlock the arena in which You may take free once)
Base secured: all classes played at level 10 (100 gold)
The true professional: All AI opponents on the professional difficulty defeated (100 gold)
With a speed of 100 100 won (300 gold)
Winner: 1,000 won (300 gold)
All mine: All the professional cards collected (100 gold)

Tip: Unranked and ranked in playing mode
In "Play" mode of Hearthstone You have the choice to play in the official rankings or deny a match. Playing on the leaderboard you can in 25 ranks rise: For victories get their stars, holding the rank your progress. But be careful: From rank 20 you can also go back by losses.