Lars Ulrich wants to see Deep Purple in Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lars Ulrich (the drummer of Metallica) said he still hopes Deep Purple will get recognized by the Hall. "I'm not gonna get into the politics or all that stuff,” "but I have two words to say:" “Deep Purple. Seriously folks, Deep Purple, two very simple words in the English language."

Lars was pleased with the entrance of Nirvana in the Hall of Fame, even in their first year of eligibility, and also Kiss is getting the long overdue recognition that they deserved for everything that they pioneered, and then I got two words, 'Deep Purple!' Did I say that already?"

To join the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, the artist must have released their first album at least 25 years ago. Thus, the Deep Purple could have been honored since 1993.

The band is cites as one of the great pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal and is responsible for launching a number of songs and albums that became classics in the first half of the 70s.

The group has been nominated for the Hall two times in 2013 and 2014, but yet to make the cut. Anyway, the group entry seems to be a matter of time.

The Hall of Fame, has been shown to be more sensitive to groups of hard rock, heavy metal and progressive rock of the 70s, and their fans, including those who "suffered" at the hands of critics, the case of Rush and Kiss

The Metallica on the other hand, did not wait long for the honor. In 2009, with only two years of eligibility, the band has already entered the Hall of Fame.

This year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place today (10). Apart from Kiss and Nirvana, Cat Stevens, Hall and Oates, Linda Ronstadt and Peter Gabriel, will also become part of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.