Lily Allen says she would release her music for free

Lily Allen gave an interview to Rolling Stone, in which she commented on the new album "Sheezus" and her future plans.

The singer has revealed that she fear of failure after the album release, featuring the promotional tracks "Hard Out Here", "Air Balloon" and "Our Time".

"If my record won’t sell, or if critics say that is the worst thing that they have ever heard - that would be a failure for me," said the singer, who revealed that she had begun working on the successor to "It's Not Me, It's You" for two years.

On plans for the future, the mother of Ethel and Marnie revealed that the contract with her label still requires releasing two albums. "It's probably one of unreleased and one with the greatest hits, "she said. "Not that I want to get rid of the label. Just want to have more control."

Allen concluded the discussion by narrating her plans after the closing of contact with Regal Records. "I would like to find someone who would finance me just so I could record the album and release it for free, and then go on tour."

"Sheezus" hits the stores on May 6.