Phillip Phillips reveals Behind The Light tracklist (Deluxe)

Phillip Phillips revealed the tracklist for his second studio album, "Behind The Light".

The new album already has the single "Raging Fire" as well as promotional track "Searchlight", which he recently performed live at Orange Lounge.

"Behind The Light" will be released on May 19.

Check out the tracklist (Standard and the Deluxe editions) for Behind The Light and watch the video for "Raging Fire" below:

Standard Edition

1 Searchlight
2. Raging Fire
3. Trigger
4. Lead On
5. Alive Again
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Fool for You
8. Thicket
9. Fly
10. Unpack Your Heart
11. Face
12. Midnight Sun

Deluxe Edition

13. My Boy
14. Do not Trust Me
15. Armless Crawler