PlayStation Vita: Learn to play PS4 games on Sony Laptop

The Playstation Vita is struggling to hang on like the players, but for the sake of compatibility with the PlayStation 4, the portable Sony becomes a powerful weapon. Already have Vita and PS4 and want to play your games directly from the laptop? Check out our tutorial:

In the Vita main menu, look for "Link with PS4" application, identified by an icon of the console. If your laptop does not have this option, go to the settings and update the system.

It is important that your PS4 already connected at this time.

Already in the options, choose "Use Remote" to be able to control the PS4 by Vita screen. You can still use the laptop in the "Second Screen", just a few games in this mode.

While the search for the Vita console, go to the PS4 go to "Settings" and select "connect the Playstation Vita System Settings" menu.

Now select "Add Device". This will generate an eight numbers code. Do not exit this screen and grab your Vita.

After finding the PS4, the Vita will ask for a code to make the connection. Type the numbers displayed on the screen in PS4 indicated field and select "Register".

If the process is successful, the PS4 will display a notification at the top right of the screen.

Now the Vita PS4 displays the menu on your screen where you can navigate using the buttons on the device itself. Whenever you want to connect the Vita to play the games of the PS4, just open the application shown in the first step of the tutorial. Not necessary to put codes or any information.