The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough

The legendary saga The Elder Scrolls existed for 20 years now, and has to his credit five wonderful solo games that offered us each time to explore a different area of ??Tamriel. But since April 4, 2014, Bethesda Softworks challenges us to walk all Tamriel with his latest track called: The Elder Scrolls Online. The story is set a thousand years before the events of Skyrim. Molag Bal, a Daedric prince feared by all, a reign of terror on the continent. At the same time, the world has not yet emperor to rule: also three Alliances (Alliance Daguefilante the Pact Ebonheart and aldmeri domain) will compete to access the coveted throne of Emperor of Tamriel.

The continent of Tamriel is vast and filled with danger, but also great wealth. To help you access the throne while returning Molag Bal into hell DTGReviews offers ultimate guide for The Elder Scrolls Online. Alliances (Daguefilante, Domaine aldmeri and Pact Ebonheart) Races (Bréton, High Elf, Argonian, Orc, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Redguard, Khajiit, and even Nordic Imperial) and classes (Dragon Knight , Wizard, Black Blade and Templar) will have no secrets for you. You'll find a complete guide on all trades craft (Alchemy, Tailoring, Cooking, Enchanting, Blacksmithing and Woodworking). The location of points of interest, heavenly shards, stones Mundus, books of knowledge and treasures you will also be revealed to not miss in your exploration. Also you will find everything you need to know about weapons / armor and skills associated. Finally, you can follow our Commented videos to help you through all the dungeons (instances) of the game

Table of Contents

Classes and Skills
Regions of Tamriel
Heavenly shards


In this part of the guide The Elder Scrolls online, you will find the description of the three alliances. Pact Ebonheart consists of Dark Elves, Argonian and Nordiques. Aldmeri Dominion lead by Quenn Arayne consists of Elves, Wood Elves and Khajiit. And finally the Covenant consists of Bretons, the Redguards and Orcs.

The Covenant
The Alliance brings together three Covenants of northwestern Tamriel, fierce warriors Orcs, worthy warriors Redguards and Bretons talented diplomats and magicians. They have managed to create this alliance holding their promises. Under the High King Emeric, these three peoples are fighting against the powers of Imperial they consider dangerous and responsible for the tensions and misfortunes of the whole continent. Covenant alliance is strong and will weigh heavily in the future of Tamriel.

The Aldmeri Dominion
The Aldmeri Dominion consists of talented wizards High Elves, Wood Elves agile archers and fearsome warriors Khajiit. Determined to prevent the worshipers of Molag Bal cause another disaster in Tamriel, the High Elves have made this powerful alliance with their direct neighbors. The Thalmor group composed of nobles and ministers advisors reign appearance on the field, but ultimately it is the Elf Queen Ayrenn High dominates an iron hand. Cheers and decided this High Elf prefers action and not remain passive against invasions and misfortunes that occur in Tamriel

Pact Ebonheart
Pact Ebonheart composed of dark elves dark magicians, Nordic impetuous and fearsome warriors and Argonian lizard, is the most fragile alliance. Indeed, the Dark Elves and Nordic have fought several times over the centuries, the Dark Elves have kept slavery Argonians for thousands of years. Forced to join forces to defeat the invaders Akaviri, they now project their ambitions over the empire. Fiercely independent nature, these three peoples seek to preserve their homelands. Pact Ebonheart is certainly fragile but the power of its fighters, is well established.


This part of the guide The Elder Scrolls online, presents Races. You will find descriptions and cultural skills to make your choice depending on the class you want to embody.

The Bretons are distinguished from other humans share their elven origins, which gives them an affinity with magic. Bréton The people consists of talented artisans, knights, magicians and merchants. Proud of quarrelsome and reputation, Bretons are particularly passionate, flamboyant, intelligent and clever. The homeland of Bréton, High Rock, was founded after the wars of succession undergoes What Skyrim empire, the Bretons are part of the alliance Daguefilantes and are governed by the High King Emeric.

Cultural Competency:
Type: Passive
Name: Affinity for light armor
Initial level: 1
Description: Increased by 15% gain experience with light armor.

Type: Passive
Name: Don Magnus
Initial level: 5
Description: Magic increases the maximum 4%

Type: Passive
Name: Spell resistance
Initial level: 10
Description: Increases Resistance to 8 spells.

Type: Passive
Name: Mastery of magic
Initial level: 25
Description: Reduces the cost of magic spells by 1%

The Redguards are a desert people, consisting of talented warriors who seems to have innate talent for the art of war. Their ancestors migrated to Tamriel from the lost continent of Yokuba, they kept a culture based on ancient traditions and survival in a hostile environment. Indeed, even if their capital, Sentinel is a commercial port located on the northern coast of the region Martelfel their roots deep into the sand of the desert consists Alirk'r most of their region. Redguards are part of the Alliance Daguefilante and are governed by the King Fahara'Jad.

Cultural Competency:
Type: Passive
Name: Affinity for the shield
Initial level: 1
Description: Increases 15% experience gain skills in line with one hand and shield

Type: Passive
Name: Strength
Initial level: 5
Description: Increases Stamina regeneration in combat 3%

Type: Passive
Name: Packaging
Initial level: 10
Description: Increases Maximum Stamina 4%

Type: Passive
Name: Mounted Adrenaline
Initial level: 25
Description: Makes 1 point Vigor player injured when an enemy with a melee attack. This can not occur more than once every 3 seconds.

Often considered barbaric and brutal brainless, Orcs yet have an ancient culture forged in the fires of war. Orcs fled to the mountains of the Northwest Wrothgar order to create the kingdom Orsinium 'd. Orcs have only one law, the law of the strongest, and the strongest direct and survive, as their king Kurog. In addition to skills developed for war, they are also the best blacksmiths Tamriel, their weapons and armor are coveted throughout the world. Orcs belong to the Alliance Daguefilante in the company of Bretons and Redguards, they hope to raise the profile of their kingdom by restoring its provincial status.

Cultural competence:
Type: Passive
Name: Expertise in heavy armor
Initial level: 1
Description: Increased by 15% gain experience with heavy armor.

Type: Passive
Name: Stocky
Initial level: 5
Description: Increases Health and Vigor maximum 2%

Type: Passive
Name: Strength
Initial level: 10
Description: Increases Health regeneration in combat by 5%.

Type: Passive
Name: Fast
Initial level: 25
Description: Reduces the cost of sprint 4% and increases its speed by 3%

High Elf
High Elves Altmer also called, consider themselves the superior race of Tamriel. This civilization located in the archipelago of the west, has refined the incredible architecture culture, Altmer are also the inventors of the common language of Tamriel. Despite the apparent passivity, Elves are not magicians and less warriors made. They form with Bosmer and Khajiit Alliance Aldmeri Domain and are currently led by Queen Ayrenn. Their weapon of choice is the stick of destruction.

Cultural competence:
Type: Passive
Name: Talent for destruction
Initial level: 1
Description: Increased by 15% gain experience with Stick destruction

Type: Passive
Name: Load out
Initial level: 5
Description: Increases Magic Regeneration in combat by 3% / 6% / 9%

Type: Passive
Name: Load out
Initial level: 10
Description: Increases maximum magic 4%

Type: Passive
Name: Elementary Talent
Initial level: 25
Description: Increases damage with the effects of cold, fire or lightning 2%

Wood Elf
Wood elves or Bosmer as they prefer to be called, live in the province of Val Woody. Preferring life in harmony with nature, they live in the woods in a very simple manner. Malicious and agile, they are the best archers in Tamriel, bow, weapon of choice is totally adapted to their environment. The Bosmer are governed by King Aeradan Camoran, and are part of the Alliance Area Aldmeri with the High Elves and Khajiit.

Cultural competence: 
Type: Passive
Name: Expertise of archery
Initial level: 1
Description: Increased by 15% gain experience with Arcs

Type: Passive
Name: Strength
Initial level: 5
Description: Increases the regeneration of force in combat 3%

Type: Passive
Name: Resistance affliction
Initial level: 10
Description: Increases resistance to poison and disease 7. Increases force of 1%  

Type: Passive
Name: Discretion
Initial level: 25
Description: Increases stealth radius of 1 meter. Increases damage sneak attacks by 3%

The Khajiit are fierce warriors, ruthless and agile, they are the arm of the alliance Aldmeri. Descendant of the big cats of the desert, they are said to have been created by Ehlnofeys. They now live in the province of Elsweyr, a desert region in the south of Tamriel. Decimated by the plague, the Khajiit have decided to ally with Bosmer and Altmer to which they have a huge debt, they are governed by LaGrande Mane. The Khajiit have a predilection for medium armor.

Type: Passive
Name: Expertise in medium armor
Initial level: 1
Description: Increased by 15% gain experience with medium armor

Type: Passive
Name: Strength
Initial level: 5
Description: Increases Health regeneration in combat by 5%    

Type: Passive
Name: Discretion
Initial level: 10
Description: Increases stealth radius of 1 meter. Increases damage sneak attacks by 3%  

Type: Passive
Name: Carnage
Initial level: 25
Description: Increases critical weapon 2%  

Classes and Skills

This part of the guide The Elder Scrolls online, presents Classes. You will find descriptions and competencies for each talent tree to help you with a multitude of possibilities.

Dragon Knights are experts in the use of weapons that employ the ancient tradition of martial arts Akaviri, the Way of the heat, and wield a formidable magic strikes, breaks and physically alter the world around them. Clearly it is the'' bags'' slaps of the Tamrie. These warriors prefer heavy armor and shields to collect maximum damage enemies and draw their attention to protect their allies. C hevalier dragon can thus be regarded as the "tank" Elder Scroll online, it does remains nonetheless a dps doubles if you decide to direct and changing his weapons and skills.

Among his talent trees, we discover the burning Flame, whose skills will be used to inflict damage, Dragon Power, dedicated to the collection of adverse damage and finally, ground Heart, focusing on the protection of allies and the weakening enemies. A subtle blend of these two talent trees will make you a formidable tank and appreciated for its heal.

Burning Flame skills:
Ultimate - Standard of dragonmen - Enemies suffer 11 points of fire damage per second and 50% receive care within 12 seconds as they banner of dragonriders. An ally can activate the synergy chain, wounding and immobilizing enemies in the area.

Active - Fiery fist - Draws enemies towards you and inflicts 16 fire damage

Active - Incendiary hits - Inflicts 16 points of fire damage to the target, and inflicts 25 points of fire damage in 8.5 seconds

Active - Firebreathing - Inflicts 7 points of fire damage in a cone in front of the player and ignites enemies, inflicting 20 points of fire damage over 8 seconds.

Active - Lava Lash - Inflicts 28 points of fire damage to the target and the imbalance immobilized or sounded enemies.

Active - Hell - Deals 2 points of fire damage to nearby enemies every 1 seconds. Costs 4 magic every second. Competence remains active

Passive - Bellows - Increases the damage of the burning effect applied by the fire skills by 33%.

Passive - Heat - Damage skills burning flame slow the target by 15% for 2 seconds.

Passive - Wind heat - Increases the duration of fiery breath, striking inflammatory and standard of dragonmen 2 seconds.

Passive - World of Fire - Increases damage of fire skills AoE 3%

Draconic Skills:
Ultimate - Bond Dragon - Inflicts 57 points of physical damage to enemies. All affected enemies are repelled.

Active - Armor bristling - Increases Armor by 75 for 17 seconds and returns 5 points of physical damage to melee attackers

Active - Black claws - Immobilizes nearby enemies for 3.5 seconds and deals 18 points of physical damage. An ally can activate Impale synergy that damages enemies caught in greenhouses.

Active - Dragon Blood - Heals 30% of missing health. Increases health regeneration by 40% for 20 seconds

Active - Refractory tortoiseshell - Returns all magical projectiles for 4 seconds

Active - Inhalation - Absorbs 7 health of each nearby enemy (maximum 3 enemies); After 2.5 seconds, deals 16 points of magic damage to nearby enemies.

Passive - Iron skin - Blocks 5% additional damage

Passive - Ardent Heart - Increases healing received by 6% as a skill dragon is active

Passive - Elder Dragon - Increases health regeneration by 2% for each skill dragon in your bar

Passive - Armor Scale - Increases spell resistance 6.

Competence Heart Land:

Ultimate - Magma Armor - Limit the damage of 3% of your maximum health for 9 seconds while nearby foes take 4 points of fire damage every 1 second

Active - Fist of Stone - Inflicts 18 points of physical damage and knocks the target for 3 seconds

Active - Fusion weapons - Increases weapon damage allies near 1 for 45 seconds. The bonus is increased by 100% for the caster.

Active - Obsidian Shield - Creates an absorbent 22 for 20 seconds around the shield closest allies. The strength of the shield is increased by around 100% of the caster.

Active - Petrification - Sounds enemies for 10.5 seconds. Targets affected may suffer 23 points of damage before the effect wears rang

Active - Ash cloud - Slows enemies for 70% and increases their chances of missing the target of 30%

Passive - Eternal mountain - Increases the duration of earthly heart 10%

Passive - Roar of battle - Makes health, magic and stamina. Making an increased amount of 35% of the cost of the ultimate

Passive - Blessing of the mountain - Gives a final additional when you activate a skill Terrestrial heart

Passive - Helping hands - Makes 2% effect when you activate a skill Terrestrial heart

Wizards use summoning spells and destruction, lightning project and create electric fields. They handle black energy to trap and stun and invoke since Oblivion Daedra fighting for them ... You'll understand the wizard is not there to get their hands dirty! The wizard wears light armor to improve its magical abilities and will focus more naturally to the magic wands of destruction. But again nothing prevents you to equip your armor plates and Two-Handed Axes wizard, except the fact of losing all credibility more effectively.

The three talent trees are the sorcerer: Black Magic, Summoning and Call Daedric Storm.

Competence Wrath of the Dawn:

Ultimate - Nova - Enemies deal 30% less damage for 8 seconds, and suffer magic damage every second. An ally can activate synergy Supernova, which will damage and sound all enemies in the area

Active - Sun fire - Deals fire damage and 48 additional damage to fire the target for 4.5 seconds. Slows the target by 40% for 4.5 seconds

Active - Solar flare - Inflicts magic damage to the target. The next attack gains 19 power weapon and spell power against the target and nearby enemies. These bonuses do not apply to solar flare eruption or black solar bombardment.

Active - Flashback - Target foe accumulates damage for 6 seconds. When the effect ends, it receives 33% of the damage surcharge.

Active - Eclipse - The target reflects the harmful spells targeted itself for 4 seconds

Active - Blinding light - Nearby enemies have a 50% chance to miss and be unbalanced for 3.5 seconds.

Passive - Persistent rays - Increases the duration of effect of a jurisdiction of 10%

Passive - Prism - 1 Ultimate gives additional activation

Passive - Illumination - Resistance spell is increased by 70 if the attacker is affected

Passive - Recovery mind - Reduces strokes Magic skills, stamina and Ultimate 2%.

Daedric Summoning skills:

Ultimate - On invocation Atronach Lightning - Atronach Summons a lightning immobile target location for 15 seconds. Enemies in the area remain groggy for 3 seconds and suffer damage of lightning. An ally can activate synergy channeled flash loaded. This allows the Atronach to inflict 150% additional damage.

Active - Invocation of familiar unstable - Summons a pet that attacks your enemies. The pet deals 15% additional damage. Remained active. Reduced the maximum magic 10%

Active - Curse Daedric - The enemies are cursed for 6 seconds. When the effect ends the target takes 41 points of magic damage, and nearby foes take 21 damage magic.

Active - Summon Winged Twilight - Summons a winged twilight attack nearby enemies. Remains activated. Reduce the maximum magic by 10%.

Active - Armor related - Increases Armor by 44 as this skill is active, but reduce the maximum magic 10%

Active - Protection invoked - Creates a shield of 56 points on the launcher and summoned creatures, for 20 seconds.

Passive - Reduction - The player receives 10% of its maximum magic when its summoned creatures is killed.

Passive - Power Stone - Reduces the cost of the ultimate powers of 8%

Passive - Daedric protection - Increases health regeneration by 10% of the player with any skill invocation in the bar

Passive - Expertise invocation - Gives bonuses to summoned creatures. The winged twilight increases its damage by 5%, and the familiar faucheclans have a movement speed increased by 10% and Atronach has an increased range of 15%

Conjure Lightning Skills:
Ultimate - Overload - Light and heavy attacks are replaced by enhanced versions, which drain your ultimate. Switch to activate

Active - Fury Mage - Inflicts 15 points of lightning damage to the target. Explodes and deals 50 points of damage if the additional lightning target falls below 20% health in less than 4 seconds. The xplosion deals 9 damage Lightning to enemies within 4 meters around the target.

Active - Form of lightning - Increases armor and spell resistance 140 for 6 seconds and deals 3 damage lightning to nearby enemies every second.

Active - Disk Thunderbolt - Creates a disk lightning ground for 3 seconds, inflicting 6 points of lightning damage every 0.5 sec to enemies in the area. A close ally can turn pipe and instantly inflicts 40 points of lightning damage to enemies close.

Active - Surge - Increases weapon damage by 5 for 17 seconds.

Active - Vivacity of lightning - Teleports the player forward and sounds nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. Regeneration magic is interrupted for.

Passive - Accumulation - Increases the regeneration of magic 5%

Passive - Revitalization - Increases the damage of the storm call skills by 3%.

Passive - Disintegration - Gives all lightning spell a 5% chance to disintegrate immediately targets whose health is low

Passive - Magical Expertise - Reduces the cost of spells of Appeal storm 5%

Black Blade
The black blades are adventurers and opportunists who gravitate trouble. Relying on a mix of stealth, martial skills and speed, they thrive wherever there conflict and misfortune, relying on their luck and cunning to survive.

The black blades are second class devoted entirely to damage, preferring to focus on medium armor speed and stealth, black blades are formidable fighters in combat. Preferring still a deceitful approach rather than direct confrontation, black blades develop their skills and stealth disappearance bringing death.

The main talent trees black blades are: Murder, shade and siphon, three trees dedicated to fast and discreet destruction of opponents.

On Assassination skills:

Ultimate - Fatal - Inflicts 25 points of damage while reducing healing received by 50%. Damage increases with the ultimate load of the player, up to 275%.

Active - Blade of the assassin - Inflicts 14 points of magical damage. Targets in poor health suffer 300% more damage.

Active - Strike translational - The player moves through shadows and returns to the next target. Inflicts 16 points of magic damage to enemies and monsters sounds for 1.5 seconds

Active - Fuzzy - The enemies have a 15% chance to miss you for 20 seconds

Active - Labeled target - Mark a target. Attacks ignore 75% of the player's armor and spell resistance of the target, and the target of attacks ignore 75% of armor and spell resistance of the player. Kill a marked target makes 37% health player

Active - Haste - For 17 seconds: Increases the speed of light or heavy attacks by 30%.

Passive - Control of the assassination - 5U increases weapon damage when you are invisible or stealth. Successful sneak attacks ring their victim any longer.

Passive - Executioner - Kill an enemy with a skill assassination makes 12 point magic in 6 seconds.

Passive - Pressure points - Increases the critical strike by 1% per skill assassination in the shortcut bar

Passive - Hemorrhage - Increases the critical damage bonus of 5%

Shadow Skill:
Ultimate - Devouring darkness - Creates a zone of darkness for 12 seconds. The enemies in this area are slowed by 70%. Close allies suffer 30% less damage and the caster a 100% more. Gives allies in the area jurisdiction to slip, making them invisible.

Active - Cloak of Shadows - Makes the player invisible for 2.5 seconds

Active - Strike veiled - Inflicts 22 points of magic damage to the target. If you were invisible or stealth, the imbalance attack the enemy for 4 seconds

Active - Path shadow - Target enemies before the player suffer 1 point of magic damage per second for 10 seconds. The path that is visible by the player, and the movement speed increases by 50% during the duration.

Active - Summon shadow - Summons a shadow attack the enemy for 17 seconds. Attacks shade reduce the damage inflicted by the enemy by 15% for 4 seconds

Active - Aspect of terror - Inspires fear in 2 nearby enemies for 4 seconds

Passive - Soft shadows - Increases the regeneration of force by 15% for 6 seconds when you turn a shade competence

Passive - Barrier shadow - Increases armor and spell resistance by 17 for 4 seconds when you exit stealth or invisibility

Passive - Resilience - Increases maximum health by 2% for each skill in your bar shadow

Passive - Dark veil - Increases the duration of Shadow skills 8%

Siphon Skills
Ultimate - Lacerated soul - Nearby foes take 33 points of magic damage and are sounded for 3 seconds. An ally can activate the absorption core synergy to launch an attack with high damage and puncture health

Active - Discord - Deals 1 damage of magic and heal the 25% of the damage inflicted every 2 seconds for 10 seconds

Active - Agony - Sounds the enemy for 12 seconds. The effect is interrupted by any damage inflicted by another source. Inflicts 10 points of magic damage in 5 seconds after the effect

Active - Mutilation - Siphoning movement speed of enemies and gives the player 25 points while inflicting magic damage over 8 seconds.

Active - Strikes siphonantes - Once activated, the basic weapon attacks make 4% of magic and force, but the damage of weapons and spells is reduced by 28%. You have a 10% chance that weapon attacks basic restore 155% of magic and force.

Active - Power drain - Inflicts 11 points of magic damage to nearby enemies and increases weapon damage by 6% wounded enemy for 17 seconds

Passive - Catalysis - Increases the effectiveness of potions 10%

Passive - Flow of magic - Increases maximum magic 4% as a competency trap is on your bar

Passive - Soul Siphon - Increases healing done by skills drains 8%

Passive - Transfer - 1 gives ultimate when you deal damage with a skill siphon

The Templar is the most versatile class in the world of Tamriel is in fact the only class that has healing skills or boost allies. Templar could be likened to a paladin but you notice very quickly that n 'is not, because if you have the right to play with heavy armor, this approach is valid only for dps builds. If you decide to play a healer you will have to wear light armor for the bonus associated with this type of protection and recovery take a stick to complete your care. This is all the interest and the difficulty of Elder Scrolls online, each of your characters can equip themselves as they see fit but you must optimize your equipment depending on the role you have chosen, especially as treatment in dungeon is not clear.

In summary, the Templar has three talent trees:

Lance Aedrique and anger of the blade are two DPS branches, and Light of recovery is the branch devoted to care

Lance Aedrique Skills
Ultimate - Radial scanning - Deals magic damage to all nearby enemies

Active - Piercing shots - Four consecutive attack the nearest target takes more damage and is pushed

Active - Javelin - Hurls a spear dealing magic damage and pushing back the target 5 meters

Active - Concentrated load - Load the target, interrupting spells and sounds the target for 3 seconds

Active - Chips launch - Deals magic damage to enemies in a target area. Disorient an enemy for 6 seconds. If an ally picks up the spear he gets 25% more force and more force and 50 for 10 seconds

Active - Sunshield - Creates a shield that absorbs damage equal to 27% of your maximum health for 6 seconds. Deals magic damage to enemies within area of activation.

Passive - Lance transfixing - Increases the critical hit chance by 5% and increases the damage against targets that block 5%.

Passive - Wall of Spears - Increased by 7% the amount Blocked attacks against melee

Passive - Burning light - Chance to inflict magical damage by hitting an enemy

Passive - Balanced warrior - Increases weapon damage and spell resistance.

Light recovery skills
Ultimate - Rite of passage - Heal nearby allies every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. You can not move while casting

Active - Accelerated ceremony - Heal a close ally

Active - Care ritual - Heal nearby allies. The pitcher receives 30% of care

Active - Aura of Restoration - Present in the bar: Increases the regeneration of health and vigor of 15%

Activation: Increases the regeneration and force extra 80% for 6 seconds

Active - Ritual purification - Instantly removes a negative effect on the launcher. 12 seconds, heals nearby allies by 16 points every 2 seconds. Allies within range can enable purification, which removes any negative effects and heal 76 health points.

Active - Runic Focus - Creates a zone of personal protection for 12 seconds, increasing armor and spell resistance 350

Passive - Care - Increases maximum 30% critical effect chance on allies. The critical effect chance are proportional to their lack health

Passive - Healing focused - Increases the healing power of 15% for allies within the area protected by the rite of passage area, or ritual purification Runic Focus

Passive - Tapestry of Light - Augment the duration of the Aura recovery of 10%. Ritual healing give one ultimate allies with less than 60% of their health. Gives 182 armor and spell resistance while channeling the rite of passage.

Passive - Master rituals - Increases the rate of 20% resurrection. Affected allies back to life with 50U of additional health. 50% chance of winning a soul stone when the resurrection takes place.

Region Island Morneroc

This section of the guide The Elder Scrolls Online includes all points of interest in different regions of Tamriel.

Here are all the points of interest in this area:

Region Scree

Here are all the points of interest in this area:

Heavenly Shards Island Morneroc

On the map:

Heavenly radiance 1:
At the entrance of the temple

Heavenly radiance 2:
At the entrance of the cave.

Heavenly radiance 3:
Inside the mine.

Heavenly shards

This section of the guide The Elder Scrolls Online reveals the locations of celestial shrapnel findable in the regions of Tamriel.

Heavenly Shards of Scree

Bursts of celestial region Boulderslide

On the map:

Heavenly radiance 1:
In the Raven Wood, accessible by opening the trunk crowned with red in the cave east of Lookout Davon

Heavenly radiance 2:
Everything Southeast Watch Davon

Heavenly radiance 3:
Just north of Port and West Watch Davon

Heavenly radiance 4:
Inside the nave of the Inland Sea

Heavenly radiance 5:
In the Burning Mine

Heavenly radiance 6:
Outside, between the Nave of the Inland Sea and the nest Mephala

Heavenly radiance 7:
Inside the Nest Mephala

Heavenly radiance 8:
South of the Oratory of the Antler Vivec

Heavenly radiance 9:
Beside the place: Rise of the armature

Heavenly radiance 10:
On humus in the cave

Heavenly radiance 11:
Within the Language of Sheogorath

Heavenly radiance 12:
South of Plantation Sathram

Heavenly radiance 13:
Outside, between the Tide Hollow and Camp Invasion Point Dagger

Heavenly radiance 14:
Inside the Tide Hollow

Heavenly radiance 15:
South of Lukiul Uxith

Heavenly radiance 16:
Behind the dungeon entrance The Mushroom