Tips on finding Megalodon Easter Egg in BF 4 - Naval Strike DLC

Only a few days after the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC has been released, players have fished in the map Strike a truly gigantic Easter Egg: a Megalodon. The Battlefield 4 developers have hidden in the map as an Easter egg a huge prehistoric shark! We show you in our guide on how to locate the Megalodon Easter Egg in Naval Strike DLC of Battlefield 4. We provide you in this tip for Megalodon Easter Egg namely with background knowledge on the prehistoric shark Megalodon.

To find the Megalodon Easter Egg on the Naval Strike map in Battlefield 4 is relatively simple. Naval Strike is a map in which several small islands grouped around a large main island in BF 4. To activate the Easter Egg, you have ten players gather near a buoy near the main island. We recommend in this tip for Megalodon Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 to the buoy with a shark warning between the control points A and B. Are the ten players gathered on or around the buoy, the life-size Megalodon catapulted a huge leap from the water and is ironing when falling back everything and everyone in the vicinity.

A truly gigantic Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 of the Megalodon is simply to find because of its incredible size. The Megalodon was almost two million years the terror of the seas. With a length of up to about 20 meters, the biggest shark of all time makes even 4 like a toy look like a helicopter in Battlefield. Whether the developers of Battlefield 4 have the Megalodon Easter Egg installed because there is speculation that in the depths of the sea is still one or the other Megalodon circling, we do not know.

In the attached video you can see the Megalodon Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 The giant shark breaks out of the water.