100 Balls: A Guide to Achieve High Score – iPhone / iPad

In our 100 Balls high score guide we explain how to be a real 100 Balls expert and surpass your previous high score many times. As with other apps such as the last hyped Flappy Birds players are made "one" challenge while in 100 Balls: as many of the existing at the beginning of 100 balls on the different glasses to distribute and thereby earn points.

We will describe to you with a few simple tricks, with the observance of your rise in the blink of an eye TOP 100 ball player in your circle of friends and care for whimsical looks.

100 Balls - Basic Hints: Do not be hectic!
The first priority for a good 100 Balls highscore is - who would have thought it the other way - (at the beginning of a new game) to lose as few balls. So you should constantly remain calm and not fall into hectic, otherwise might go west some of the important balls. Your main focus should be also pointed to transfer in each of the jars two balls and, as already mentioned above, not to make a loss in the beginning - the lost points increase exponentially (especially towards the end of the 100 Balls game very annoying).

Do you reasonably good shape to start with, now comes a little ride in 100 Balls: Once at the beginning all the glasses irradiated monotonous, the first container color in green, subsequently in blue, then purple and other colors. Do you have your balls stored in the colored glasses, finally changing the colors of this - you are also credited with the new colors and bonus points for your high score 100 Balls.

The game physics of 100 Balls could be your highscore dangerous - after all balls could yes when you open the hatch down next to the lower container and pass away valuable points. Always make sure that the bottom cup is placed directly below its upper counterpart to avoid turnovers. Again, keep calm, keep slowly.

Cheats? Not in 100 Balls!
Finally we would like to point out that of course there are no cheats for a game of skill like 100 Balls.