avast! Mobile Security: Learn how to use Anti-Theft feature on Android

How to know the number of the new SIM card that is in your stolen phone.

The avast! Mobile Security has an add-on called Anti-Theft facing prevent attackers from having access to data and using stolen smartphones. One of the functions that the plugin can add is to send information to the user in case someone replaces the chip cell equipped with the program, and also inform the new number. Check out how to configure this option below and find out more details.

Step 1. In avast! Mobile Security, select the Anti-Theft option. On the next screen, check "Install Anti-Theft". You will be directed to Google Play, download the application, and the installation process will start automatically;

Step 2 To configure it, insert your name;

Step 3 Then put a password 4-6 digits and also a phone number to which you want information about a possible theft to be sent;

Step 4 Ready, Anti-Theft is up and running;

Step 5. If you want to edit some configuration, customizing the operation of it, simply tap on the "Advanced Settings" and see the possibilities.

By default, the device now sends text messages to the new phone number and the location of the device. Among the features are lock the phone to prevent access to the settings.