Boom Beach: Lt. Hammerman's HQ level 10, 20 and 30 - Video Guide

Boom Beach, the official successor of supercell’s mega-hit Clash of Clans has become almost as big a fan base as its predecessor. In addition to building its own base depends in boom Beach, as in its famous predecessor, the main focus on the plunder of other bases. We take in our video guide the three bases of your biggest opponent, Lt. Hammerman.

In this guide to Boom Beach Boss Battles against Lt. Hammerman we offer you tips on the boss fights against the villain in the beach battle. Instead of letting permanently generate their own resources is the main component of the boom Beach fight with other players and the leader of the Black Guard: Lieutenant Hammerman. We show you videos on how to defeat Hammerman and take his bases - both HQ levels 10 hammer Mans, as well as level 20 - and 30-stage bases.

Boom Beach Guide - Lt. Hammerman HQ - Level 10
Lt. Hammerman, your evil counterpart in Boom Beach, incited not only his black guard on you, but also has pitched itself near your home base his own camp. We show you in this article, what tactics are best suited to occupy the enemy villages or bases in boom Beach. While the fight against Lt. Hammerman still relatively simple in design at level 10 and you can achieve the victory with four heavyweights and four bazookas, the following battles are considerably heavier.

Boom Beach Guide - Lt. Hammerman HQ - Level 20
In contrast to HQ level 10 Boom Beach villain Hammerman has made in his 20-step bearing significant improvements that require a positive fight starting at least four heavyweights, two bazookas. Of course in addition to the "normal" combat units and the energy of your battle boat, keep in mind, its additional features are essential for your fight.

Boom Beach Guide - Lt. Hammerman HQ - Level 30
Now the last fight against Lt. Hammerman gives you not only glory, but also a real challenge: Countless defense devices such as boom-guns, rocket launchers and other weapons of defense, the lieutenant of the black guard build to protect HQ level 30 . 20 Warriors and a fully equipped gunboat should be enough, the evil Boom Beach commanders to make a full end.