Daylight: Useful Tips to do well in this Horror Game

Daylight is a horror video game released for PS4 and PC puts the player in dark corridors of a hospital. With suspense and plenty of scares, the game is an option for those who enjoy haunting experiences.

Started now? Check out our tips to play Daylight.

Stay calm

This is a tip somewhat complicated but tremendously important for success in the game. For more tense it is the weather, it is important not to despair at some point. This will help you stay focused on the game campaign.

Keep an eye on your Smartphone

The protagonist of the game will always keep your smartphone on using the machine as a kind of map. It is still possible to bring the phone by pressing the touchpad control.

Always keep an eye on the handset screen to know all the possible inputs and outputs. This will help in time to find specific places in the game.

Search every corner of the map

As much as the fear speaks up, be sure to look all over the map of the game. Despite the risk of getting a hell of a scare, you can leave to pick up some important item.

A good look at each input saves you having to waste time going back some item needed to continue the campaign.

Do not run

Running through the halls of Daylight is a bad idea. Besides the chance to take a tremendous shock while on the trails at high speed, it also makes it impossible for you to check details of the scenario and any items.

Prefer to walk slowly and take time to examine the environment. This will make you better able to predict any danger of the game.

Always have glowsticks

The glowsticks are those green items that help to illuminate the scene. Other than that, they also reveal secrets of the map, such as items that can be moved or hidden notes.

Try to maintain a reasonable stock of glowsticks in your purse. They are extremely useful for solving more complicated puzzles.