Edit players in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, like its predecessors, has a robust editing mode, which allows players to change information such as uniforms, sponsors, team names and even the physical and technical characteristics of the athletes. Want to give an update on their favorite players? Check out our tutorial.

Step 1: From the main game menu, go to "Edit" option.

Step 2: Now select "players" to view the options for managing athletes.

Step 3: On this screen, click "Edit Player".

Step 4: After selecting the team or selection where the player acts, search for it in the list and select it to start editing.

Step 5: Among the changes are permitted by game name changes (including stamped on the shirt), data such as height, favorite walking and acting player position.

Step 6: Another interesting possibility is to change the attributes of the player. This defines how well the athlete perform certain actions, such as kicking, passing or dribbling.

Keep in mind that changes to attributes will be only available in offline matches. In online mode, the skills are reset to default the game.

Step 7: In the accessory also gives to change bracelets, meiões and cleats players, which can be chosen from a constantly updated list of the newest models of the most famous brands.

Step 8: Animations racing, free kicks, penalties and celebrations can also be chosen from a list that contains several options.

Step 9: For players with generic faces (the vast majority in the Brasileirão), you can edit facial features of the athletes to leave the most similar appearance with the real.

Changes available in skin tone, hair styles and accessories present in all players with more realistic faces are also available.

After finishing the edits just exit by pressing the back button and confirming any order to save the changes. Players can be edited at any time.