Harry Potter star Rupert Grint debut as a singer - Postman Pat

Ron Wesley immortalized as the Harry Potter franchise, Rupert Grint now takes on a new venture.

In addition to voice one of the characters, the actor contributed to the soundtrack of the animation Postman Pat: The Movie with the track "Lightning". The song brings a pop, the best style of One Direction and the amazing voice of the boy.

In addition to Rupert, the adaptation of the British series to the big screen has actors Jim Broadbent and David Tennant, who also joined the cast of Harry Potter in the roles of Professor Horace Slughorn and Bartholomew Crouch Jr, respectively.

The soundtrack of Postman Pat: The Movie also features tracks from Jessie J, Peter Gabriel and Ronan Keating. The animation debuts on Friday (23) in the UK.

Listen to Rupert Grint’s "Lightning" below: