InFamous Second Son: How to change Delsin Clothes on PS4

InFamous: Second Son has as main advantages its huge and detailed map, dozens of entertaining and challenging quests. Moreover, it is also possible to unlock new Delsin jackets, the protagonist of the game. Learn how to change costumes in Infamous Second Son.

Since the beginning of the campaign, you can only change the Delsin jackets after conquering entire districts in the game. Players who purchased the version pre sale also have access to some exclusive pieces.

Step 2: After releasing new parts, press Options to access the menu of the game.

Step 3: With R2, go to the information page Delsin, where they will be shown the crimes, cronies and clothes.

Step 4: Use the directional arrows to navigate between the options. If you can not move the menu, it means that you have not released parts for the character. In this case, conquer new districts for new clothes.