Outlast: Whistleblower (new DLC) All Hidden File Folders Guide

You thought you had met all stamped asylum? You thought you had gone around the household? Well it would seem that you like and not scare you because of you here enclosed within four walls with Outlast psychopaths in this new DLC entitled Whistleblower.

You have experience but can you really get used to all these horrors: the dismembered bodies, cries, madness and especially horrible beep emitted by your camera telling you that you will soon be deprived of his holy light ? No, oh god not great. But we are accustomed to DTGReviews that breakers trip to the editor, which is why we have become experts to deliver the current in the blackest darkness. So count on us to tell you how to leave the whole asylum Oulast: Wistleblower with our complete solution of the main story while guiding you to recover 13 hidden files in the shadows.

Table of Contents

Go to the radio in the prison - 1 file
Unlock the cuffs to open the door - 1 file
Go to the radio in the prison (2) - 1 file
Shut off gas to enter the airlock - 2 files
Go to the radio in prison (3) - 1 file
Exit through the administrative block - 5 files
Find the key to access the wing men
Output - 2 files


Send email and go to meet the man who took you, he asks you to go to the room where you are morphogenic engine expected. Go out into the hallway and follow the only path to the control room and sit on the chair flashing.

Return to where you left your computer to complete the introduction of Oulast Whistle

Go to the radio in the prison - 1 file

Take the camera once free and use you to see in the dark, approach the locked door and wait for the insane near you free. Take the left door to leave the isolation room in the hallway after you attend the brutal murder of a guard and you are automatically identified by the assassins who order you to join. Enter the room, get scolded for not being completely batty then go gently when crazy deviate from the path.

In the next corridor, a fool sitting on a chair you brutally assaulted, flee to enter a small room with a vent through which escape. In the leads, you overhear a discussion about the radio in the prison which updates your goal.

Continue until you reach a room plunged into darkness and unlock the exit by pushing the barrier at the door. Join further hallway, a phantom camera reveals that you will pass, and turn left to reach the room with the open command sas. The man who begged you to help is killed and after his murder, the doors will unlock. Go to lock you just unlock avoiding ghost assaults you.

In the hallway following a scientific fled at your approach and is locked exit door, take the hallway to the right and once to the exit door, search the small dark room on the right to recover the file 01.

Then examine the boxes to the left of the exit door and mount it to fight your way to a pitch black hallway, turn on the camera and walk through the kitchen. On your way, you come across a cannibal who is going to get a perverse pleasure you chase for much of the game. In the meantime, continue paying no attention to him.

Go distributors and in the hallway with red light, enter through the opening left to enter the toilet, go to the back of the room to discover a passage, which leads to a jammed through the hands of holder a home handcuffed to the handle.

Unlock the cuffs to open the door - 1 file

Man handcuffed to the door handle prevents you from pursuing your goal is updated: you need to get the handcuff keys. Turn around and look for the opening above the barricaded door, stand on the reverse to reach table. On the other hand, you hear a noise that will become characteristic electric saw cannibal. Hide yourself and wait until you were looking in a remote room to go quietly or run like a rabbit. Follow a corridor overlooking four pieces in the background with the many shelves and books is an opening at the top of a wall. Reach this last jump to be free of the killer.

Continue down the hall and do not pay attention to the fool who follows you, open the door on the left overlooking the toilet and grab the key to the handcuffs on the body of the keeper. Exit and continue on the left to visit the back room and grab the folder 02 before going out and back into the hallway where the cannibal surprise you and continues. Run up to the opening through which you came and return to the door with the same ho handcuffed.

Go to the radio in the prison (2) - 1 file

Once the handcuffs and removed the bulky body, explore the following exhibit to find yourself in front of the crematoria, go to the door in the room for a cutscene will start automatically when you thrown into the oven to be burned. Approach the wall already damaged and interact with it to collapse.

Explore rooms, enter the prayer hall and retrieve the 03 record dragging on the ground behind the altar under the big cross on the wall. Back then in the central room and take the ladder to climb on top of the crematoria and join the breach ceiling. Climb all the way up and go through a conduit to flee the area.

The path is unique, ignore the cul-de-sac and proceed to hear the sound of an automatic saw the cannibal eventually must surprise you and require you to sprint. You can breathe once you get snuck between obstacles in the middle. Continue your exploration quietly until you see a man begging you to cut off gas, you can do nothing for him but your goal is now clear since the gas prevents you from continuing.

Shut off gas to enter the airlock - 2 files

Go down the hallway to the right of blocked because the gas lock, jump over the railing with the broken window and brighten using your camera room facing you to discover the hidden folder placed on a 04 office.

Return to the hallway and turn right to open a door behind which lies a fool as harmless as the noise that accompanies jumpscare. While your friend is banging his head on another door, squat under the bar and continue to the hallway which gives several rooms.

Continuing on the right and spanning a bed impeding in the hallway, you cause the appearance of cannibal. Go into the first room to the right and jump into the vent to get a room away. Open the door and enter the second room on the left to enter a new line. Walk a little, trap collapses under your weight and you land in an unfamiliar room, but safe. Go out into the hallway and enter the room at the bottom where the folder is located 05 beside a sink.

Open the door next to the guard curled, skip the hallway by gas escaping from a pipe and enter the next room where you hear the electric saw cannibal. Go into the big room and hide, wait for the right moment to enter quietly in a hallway leading to blocked by the gas, skip overcoats exceed the gas-filled room and turn it Maniv door.

Go to the radio in prison (3) - 1 file

The crank turned and cut gas, sas is available near you and bring you back to a hallway, in which the cannibal is round. Escape to the next lock to be safe and continue until another lock to be outside.

Go down the stairs and go left along the grid, you'll see a door. Explore the following areas, find the open door and step over the blood covered boards. You come to a staircase, crazy in panic down and try to kill you if you get too close, go up the stairs and turn left as the door on the right is locked.

You arrive at the door of the prison except that the latter is closed, then retrace your steps at the stairs to discover that the right door is now open previously blocked.

Continue through another door, sneak up through the gap in the fence a little further and jump to the other platform. Let yourself fall until then touch the ground and take the ladder nearby, go through the hole in the grid once the top. Later, two armed killers machetes threaten you but they can not even hurt you. Continue a little further to the cross again near the exit door, do you approach them under any circumstances and be satisfied that you take the door quietly.

Later, you interrupt a basketball game and a macabre madman sets out to kill as you slowly walking towards you, flee through the gate between two stamped and take the ladder. At the top, the door is closed, walk around through the hole on the left and grab the 06 folder in the room.

Continue through the gateway, you meet a madman who fled, and take the ladder away. At the top, open the door and walk right into the hallway only to discover the bloody radio in a dark room. After the cutscene, you are being chased by a killer, flee to be safe through narrow passage.

Exit through the administrative block - 5 files

After being chased by the big killer and failed in your attempt to prevent relief, it remains for you to try your luck out through the administrative block. Continue through the winding corridors, you will see a priest writing letters of blood on the wall, jump into the hole to his right. Once down, visit the cells on the left to retrieve the 07 record on a desk.

Return to the hallway and continue to the exit door until you see a guard fled shouting "it's not even human", illuminate the hallway to the left of the small room with the computer and explore it then be pursued, run up jumping through a window and end up back outside.

Scroll down and locate the nearby open window to retrieve the record within 08 hidden in a corner next to the blue cans. Return outside and open the door further.

Go down the stairs and once in front of the lines, go through the hole in the gate on your left and then lower it to go under the pipes and find the exit. Follow the stairs, you come face to an electrified fence you need off. Before you go in search of the generator, explore the surroundings with your camera to spot a small building within which is hidden folder 09.

Go through the lights lit and go left to find a staircase that leads you directly to the generator door. Pull the lever to turn off the generator and return to the electric fence to see a scoundrel unfortunately rekindled generator meantime. Turn it, turn off the generator again and then flee your attacker by visiting the building behind electric fences now extinct.

Carry on, you end up out of the building and come to a pond, wade in the water and climb the small ladder to get out. Then locate the hole in the fence illuminated by the door of a tower and squat down until the last to enter. Join the top and go through the window, go to the right and jump to the building across the street for you to hang in extremis and fall.

You hear many strange voices talking, start by leaving the room where you landed you sneaking into a narrow opening, then take the hallway on the left, step over a bed and go under the rubble lowering you. You arrive in a corner slightly illuminated with chairs on a table, go behind the table and find a passage through which you can pass you by lowering.

You go farther between two shelves and you come to a man hanged, pass it and do not pay attention to the man who warns you of the danger. Go through one last little narrow passage for you automatically spotted, you're not chased it said, and continue until you reach a cabinet before you need to move to unblock the road but before to do, explore the dark corner to the left of the cabinet to retrieve the file 10 on a nightstand next to a bed.

Then move the cabinet, continue in the hallways and jump overcoat wardrobe that impedes, find your way in the dark until a cul-de-sac with crates. Ride the last to climb and drop you into the next room where you are finally spotted. Escape to a cabinet covered with a cloth and mount it to escape the abuser. Continue climbing to eventually reach a staircase leading to the lower floors and the most creepy character in this DLC.

Explore the area and try to open the door at the back of the room with sewing machines to be surprised by the groom, the latter then approach your position. Retrace your steps and when you hear the psychopath contact you, hide under tables and go quietly on his back to take the door he unlocked from.

Continue until you come to a cabinet blocking the exit door, quickly push the obstacle and continue to break down on a second cabinet that prevents you from continuing. Push it and flee as soon as the way is clear for the groom immediately appear, run up the cage ascender and jump up the ladder. Then exit the elevator and escape despite your injury, you get to meet a closed door, you are left with no other choice than to hide in the locker door.

Add your obstacles, leave the area and flee as soon as the groom continues to pursue you a little further. Run while avoiding obstacles, once in the room with mannequins in red dress take the left door and continue until you reach a window through which to jump.

You stand in a fountain, search around to retrieve the file that is 11 by you.

Find the key to access the wing men

After you have recovered from your fall, enter the building for your new target appears. Search the area to recover the hidden everywhere and enter the kitchen to find batteries and go through a ventilation duct leading to a gym turned into a sanctuary morbid.

In the following passage, you will hear the groom sing and tell you that hunting is open again. Spend the metal door to get in a wedding hall and retrieve the key in the hands of the bride. The groom arrives then flee into the small room on the right and push the cabinet. Wait until the music is calm and quietly join the aeration of the gym by which you arrived conduit.

Turn left at the door of the evacuation plan and use your key, unfortunately you are automatically caught by your worst nightmare. While the groom tries to hang you, wait for the command appears telling you to move the indicated key to survive. Exit the gym and open the door to exit.

Output - 2  

You surprise armed doing a major clean men, continue down the corridor following and search the small room lit on the right to find the file 12.

Return to the hallway and lower yourself through the door on the right blocked by boards, continue down the hall and at the intersection turn right to arrive in a hallway illuminated by a fire in the distance. Have a room with a television that illuminates the room and once in the next corridor, open the second door on the right to get into a dark room where lies the back 13 on a large table. Return to the hallway and continue to lobby to finally leave this hell.