Splitplay: Meet the creators of Brazilian indie Steam games

The store Splitplay launched on Wednesday (7), intends to be the "Steam Games 100% Brazilian." "We're betting on games in Brazil. As each passing year, our domestic production gives a huge jump in quality. Only in 2014 will be launched many amazing games made by Brazilians as Cangaço, Chroma Squad, and Pier Solar Storm HD, just to name a few, "says Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior (25), one of the developers of the network. In an interview with Generation Gamer column, the development team revealed, exclusively, the 21 games that will be on sale from this fourth (7), costing between U.S. $ 2 and R $ 45 Check out the testimonials below:

Splitplay Store will open with 21 games
"We will of man, 21 Brazilian games in SplitPlay: Aritana and Feather Harpy, Cangaço, Bit Dead, Soul Gambler, Face It, Cataegis - The White Wind, Mr. Bree +, Rush Heroes: Tactics, Bellatorus, Sattelite Rush, Bernie Needs Love, Dreaming Sarah, Chroma Squad, Mahjong Max, Vitrum, Daily Sword Guy vs. The Nefarious and Wicked Land, Pet Playground, Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf, Robot Dir and Victim Gold. These titles and game details will be explained in our conference live today at 16h through our page on Twitch.

The project, although ambitious, well flowed between its creators. "We were designing the Splitplay a year ago, but the development of the platform even started in June 2013. Among developers, freelancers, publicists, designers, illustrators, motion designers and consultants, 15 people were involved in the different parts of the project" explains Henry Bejgel (21). Their idea arose based on problems of Brazilian developers who saw themselves in the market.

"The idea started when I Splitplay, Eric and Henry come together to work on creating games. But, from past experience, we see that we would not have many chances in Brazil. In contact with many game devs here, we realized that the problems that we were applicants with virtually all studios. For this reason, we began to study the state of the indie games market in Brazil and Latin America to develop a solution. The design Splitplay helped us delve further studies on our market, "adds Rodrigo. The creators of the store, even started to give lectures on the Brazilian market to better disclose its actual size out of our country.

"The games that will be launched in Splitplay have prices ranging from two to 45 reais. They are of various genres, such as 3D, 2D, real time strategy, FPS, retro 8-bit, tactics, card games, board, management, and other horror! Platform, "said enthusiastically Rodrigo Coelho. One of the games in the list of firsts Store along the lines of Steam is Valve Chroma Squad, playing with characters similar to Power Rangers creator Mark Venturelli, Behold Studios and current and former Rogue Snail Critical Studio.

How much was it and what were the investments Splitplay?
"The project was developed largely by the current team in our time: The three founders and three developers. I take care of every part design, user experience, interface and finances. The Henry Begjel leads all part of software development and Rodrigo Coelho, who is game designer, takes care of contacts with industry and media, "said Eric Salama (25), who began playing a Sega Genesis game with about eight years. Although he was a fan of Sonic, he went to the computers with Full Throttle and never stopped, playing a lot of the games of Blizzard and Valve. He explains about the rest of the team: "Who helped us was the Cyríaco Dimas, developer backend and our faithful squire; Gustavo Correa, our Jedi master in SEO and front-end dev; and Gabriel Dantas also master front-end site creator. "

On the actual costs of the project, who explains it best himself Rodrigo Coelho, who began play in Phantom of the Gradient System, at 4 years, but only had a game to get a NES. "We started with an investment of our £ 30,000 and received a contribution of $ 43,000 from the government of Rio de Janeiro by Rio Startup program then entered £ 80,000 Chilean government through the Start-Up Chile program. All the money was used to build a platform for gamers and developers Brazilians. "

"Brazilians are few studios that have marketing knowledge and money to get their games effectively lead people. This is partly because our specialized media channels covering the games just made here in Brazil and there is no centralized place for these types of game. There is considerable interest in knowing more about our domestic industries, but most indie games made here end up getting lost in the sea of the Internet, "says Henrieque Bejgel on the possible role of Splitplay this scenario. He started the game at age six, a Nintendo 64 and Banjo-Kazooie playing, besides being a fan of Okami, Paper Mario and World of Warcraft.

There is an inspiration in creating the team Splitplay. "The former president of the American International Game Developers Association (IGDA), Jason Della Rocca, was also an inspiration for our process. He says that the gaming market moves so much money in so many different areas that are among the five best investments a government can make, along with biotechnology and renewable energy. To develop this internal market, the country needs government support and an efficient form of distribution, "says Rodrigo.

What is needed to start? What is the future?
Apart from developer, Rodrigo Coelho is an optimist: "To develop in Brazil, there has never been a better time. Each awesome time tools are within reach for a low price, as the Unity engine and more recently the famous Unreal Engine and Cry Engine, which can be licensed for less than $ 14.99 per month. Even for those who do not know programming, tools like Game Maker and Construct II are improved more with features that let you do a really professional game. The hard part is actually putting your game on the market and make it known so that you can sell. The Splitplay arises to change that. "

They really believe they are creating a Steam to local audiences. Eric Salama says: "Splitplay will help decrease the risk that developers have to invest time and resources into projects that can not get to obtain the return or the expected visibility. The creation of a unique store of Brazilian and Latin American indies will assist in the longevity of the independent development industry, especially in Brazil. "

What about the future?
"I believe that in the medium term, we will face an industry where independent developers dominate the console market, which is becoming more open. Therefore, they will no longer be as indies thus becoming midsize businesses with high quality games. Meanwhile, AAA games will become increasingly expensive and risky to produce. In the long term, companies that produce today's consoles - Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft - will have to adapt to a market where almost all multiplatform games are and where people do not buy more of them, because they already have on their internet package and cable TV, as well as a service to play the latest releases of the games, "says Rodrigo.

"Personally, I believe in the popularization and democratization of Virtual Reality tools in the near future. They will be fully explored by the major players in the market, "concludes Eric.