The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Game): Tips for beginners - no cheats!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - beginner tips for iOS and Android: Gameloft presents the mobile game for the current movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and sends you through the urban canyons of Manhattan to hunt down villains like Electro, Venom or Green Ghoblin. At the outset it is important to note that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not free for iOS and Android devices: The title costs you 4,49 Euros. Also we found that you need to have a stable internet connection.

Cheats need for control, even beginners in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 does not have a virtual analog controller, you control with the Spidey on the hunt through the Big Apple. To the right are several buttons which triggers his various actions. We advise you in this tip to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at the beginning simply according to much to try to impress you the key assignment. This is better than any table. To these may be is that spidey naturally learned, in time, new moves and attacks. Special Cheats modules might help here.

If you want to make fast progress in Manhattan in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you should make use of Spidey's ability to swing on networks from building to building. To activate the swing at the net, you simply jump from one house. If you're in the air, push down, and so activate the first swing to a spider web. To move around, you have always briefly take the finger from the screen, then Spidey can get rid of the network, a new pressure activates the next net and so on ...

This locomotion in Manhattan is indeed super fast, but also has its drawbacks: your swings so fast through the city, at the top left appearing on the radar emissions (indicated by different colored dots) vibrates past. We advise you therefore, Spider-Man to make early for pedestrians and to lay the final meters to your destinations on foot back. Is your goal over the streets of the city, is that too is not a problem: The human spider climbs nimbly all facades high!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for iOS and Android - Tips: fights, red and blue emissions

In the open world of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 you can do many different tasks. Red dots on the radar simply represent missions that are not relevant to the progress in the story, blue dots, however, highlight issues that drive the story forward. Behind them mostly hidden struggles against known Spider-Man villains such as Electro, Venom or Green Ghoblin. Approaching one of them should begin fight with a placed power attack. Then you have access to an arsenal of cool attacks, can be linked with each other.

Tip: If you meet a whole group of evildoers, break you not long head, which opponent attacks first. Spidey automatically takes before the bad guys, which is closest to him. Pay attention rather on the heads of your enemies. Appears above the main of an attacker that is a red line, it means they will attack you from behind. Pressing the button now for a counterattack and Spider-Man is sent to fend off the attack and do not lose energy!

Tip: Red and blue emissions

As already mentioned, Mark in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 red dots missions that are less important, while blue points refer to missions that are important to the story. Leave the leftmost red missions, you can not also. Because you often need certain skills to complete blue missions. The switch but free only about Spider-points. The premium currency in the game you can buy for real money via InApp purchase. We advise you in this tip but to prefer to meet as many red emissions.

Red emissions to include various tasks such as giving autographs to bring an injured person to the hospital or to help a police officer. Complete red missions, you will receive Spider-points with which you then gradually unlock the needed skills for the blue emissions in the categories of shock, damage, counter, defense, power and Spider-point increase. So if you find, you've already pulled the trigger enough money for the purchase of The Amazing Spider-Man 4.49 euros, you should avoid many red emissions as possible to reduce further costs - even if it takes a little longer!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for iOS and Android Tips: Items, Arena fights and Cheats

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 you can find many different items for Spider-Man to bag: So you can at a newsstand for example buy spiders serum that can boost the health of Spider-Man when needed significantly. There are items to help Spider-Man in finding hidden items that speed up his forces and also special booster, improve Spider-Man's abilities in an Arena fight.

For the key to arena battles in which Spider-Man can earn extra money for the game. To do this you have to beat up a few opponents. Close one of those arena challenges from their collected for a reward in the form of coins and can share your progress with your friends. A little tip: If you share your progress on Facebook, you’ll get 1000 Spider-points as a reward!

Tip: Cheats for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Cheats are represented in games such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is always an issue. With cheats you can finish this game very easily but at the moment not serve your progress. We do not still want to hide the fact that the network probably has at least a special cheat code for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that you will gain access to an endless supply on coins and Spider-points. As always at this point we appeal in this regard not only to your fairness other gamers over, but also on your caution: Such Cheats modules can be contaminated with viruses and may even damage your smartphone or tablet.