The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Learn to Replay missions – Game

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the game dedicated to the newest feature film Marvel superhero. In the shoes of Peter Parker, the player is challenged to defend the city from crime while trying to unravel the death of his uncle. Learn to repeat your favorite missions in the game:

Step 1: To repeat missions in the game, you should not be in the middle of any ongoing. After finishing the last mission, press Select to open the map and look for the subway icon. If it is not available, it means that you are still on a mission, and must finish it before starting a new one.

Step 2: After you press A / X (Xbox, PlayStation) to mark the metro aim, follow the indicator on the map to find the train and climb on top of him.

Step 3: On the confirmation screen, select "Yes" to proceed to your home.

Step 4: In Peter's room, look for some photos stuck on the right wall. Come to see the indicator "Retry Mission", and press the button shown.

Step 5: On this screen, all completed missions in the game will be displayed, with the ability to launch them from scratch. Notice that the left side of the screen details, as collectibles yet to be found are shown.

Press A / X (Xbox, Playstation) to repeat the mission.

Step 6: Okay, now just finish the mission normally. Note that you can replay the same mission as many times as you want, so you can complete something that was left behind, or simply have fun.

Simply always come back to Peter's room and pick up the challenge on the wall, next to the wall of photos.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Game): Tips for beginners - no cheats!