Tony Iommi says Black Sabbath concert in Hyde Park will be their last show

For the magazine Metal Hammer, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi said that the band has no plans to perform live after their concert in London's Hyde Park on 4 July, and that this combined with their health problems may mean that this will be the last chance for fans to see them live.

In January 2012, Iommi learned that he had lymphoma. The diagnosis made the comeback tour of the band, the first to be (almost) the entire original lineup since 1978, and the launch of the new album had to be postponed.

About his situation, the guitarist said at the time he did not know at what stage is his disease. "I have to know if the cancer is coming back, if it is still there or whatever ... is something quite disturbing."

The guitarist said that the end of the tour will make a series of tests and only then he can know for sure what his actual health.

The Black Sabbtah brought the tour for the album "13" to Brazil in October last year. A fan filmed the opening of the show with the classic "War Pigs". Watch!