Trials Fusion walkthrough, Achievements and Trophies

You put on your gloves, your motorcycle engine is now purring, your glasses on your eyes, short, your driver is ready to fight! This is great, Trials Fusion just released on PC, Xbox, PS4 and Xbox One. And the least we can say is that there will be a sport!

DTGReviews will not leave you alone in this futuristic universe! In fact, here's a comprehensive guide to help you in your task: racing gold, tips for games of skill, the list of tricks in FMX and even the list of achievements and trophies.

Table Contents

The courses
- Grove of Blue
- Headwind
- Pipes
- Observatory
- Derby motocross
- Cliffhanger

Games of skill
Figures FMX
Trophies / success

The Courses

I hope your hands are properly anchored to the handlebar or your controller because the course will push you to your limits.

With a good fifty courses and a hundred challenges, it will take time and talent to successfully master this Trials Fusion.

Before you, eight environments with multiple tracks and challenges to complete with the best possible style! Good luck!

Grove of Blue
Here is the complete track list for "Grove Blues" on Trials Fusion. This environment contains a training program, five tracks from "Trials" and the game of skill "balancing".

The tracks are all in trouble "Beginner".

Get the gold medal

First fairly simple track Trials Fusion without too much difficulty. To improve your time, I advise you not to accelerate too much on jumps so you do not lose too much time in the air.

Challenge 1 - Beginner flip

This is to give ten flips in a run without fault. The most important thing here is not to fall. There are enough jumps to successfully challenge without taking the head.

Challenge 2 - Fall of wind

For this second challenge, it is to find the hidden switch to stop the turbines. It is very early in the race.

Challenge 3 - No Mercy 1

Challenge rather complicated because one must run zero fault without looking, ie not to touch the left stick. It must therefore be dosed his jumps to avoid over from forward or backward.

Get the gold medal

For this new track, no major problems noted for the gold, you just have to be in the right pace.

Challenge 1 - 1 PumpTalk

For the challenges of this type, you must maintain the accelerator throughout the race without brake. Basically, you hold the right trigger what.

Challenge 2 - Greenhouse

In this challenge, you will have to trample four flowers that are hidden on the course. Challenge rather simple even if the last flower takes a little technique to jump over the rock.

Challenge 3 - Maestro endo

Here, you are asked to do 30 meters on the front wheel of your bike. The second slope is perfect for that.

Get the gold medal

Amateur flip

Here, you just need to be careful not to fall for the challenge will be counted as a perfect run, ie no fault.


As you can see in the video, post-combustion is from the beginning of the race. When you have activated, simply manage the angle. With a little determination, it passes.


For this challenge, so we will have to keep before over between the red lines the wheel. Do not hesitate to raise if you hit, you do not have to make a zero fault to validate it.

Derby motocross
Get the gold medal

Freaked rabbit

Challenge to achieve after completing the game as it did with the bike Trials Fusion. Take your time for flips, there are plenty of bumps

Wholesale pro

Challenge rather special as it is to race but back. Indeed, starting back from the beginning, you snap the specific camera. Be careful, if the character is back, orders have not been adjusted. After a few tries, you'll quickly get the hang ...


A slightly more difficult challenge as do the rear wheel between the two lines "Red" who are in the middle of the track. Two techniques, either you go all soft or attempting acceleration. See for yourself ...

Get the gold medal

Is it a plane? ...
Nothing too complicated here if not it should already have the FMX tricks. So just put a Superman on a huge jump and it is in the pocket.

Secret Agent

As finding the maze, it's easy, all out, this is less the case. With a little searching, you get there ...

Ruthless 2

Like the first edition, so it is to finish the race without fault and without bending. The last stretch is quite cotton and requires little skill.

Games of Skill

If Trials Fusion is primarily a racing game, the regulars are well aware that some additional games accompany traditional races.

Also offering gold, these games not require a lot of dexterity. To help you in your task, here is the list of games with tips to glean gold.

Warning, some are for less cotton. Including the latest...

For the first game of skill, must be achieved as far as possible without bending so without using the left stick. So take your time, memorize the route well to get the gold medal.

Paf The Pilot
For the second game, send as far as possible the pilot ejecting before the end of the bridge. For gold, a method (there are certainly others) is to make a bunny hop just before the bridge and ejected after the rebound thereof. If properly carried out, the gold is yours ...

Master Tricks
A game of skill or you are asked to perform the tricks posted as soon as possible. The more you realize, the faster you score points. So memorize tricks (for that, go to the "Figures FMX this guide") and place the fastest. Gold comes off after the first sequence of two tricks.

More difficult than it seems, triathlon ask you to make a jump as far as possible, a second high as possible and finally finish a race. In sum, the points you earn on the first two jumps will be counted on the run. So we really do well for his two jumps do not have to do without fault on the run. With a little practice, it happens.

Ice Climbing
From here, we begin to laugh less. We just have to climb a mountain and down the highest possible. The "Pit Viper" is preferred for this game since it is more manageable. Mastering the Bunny Hop is essential here!

Wheelie Con Carne
As its name suggests, you need to do as much as possible front wheel to achieve gold. Nevertheless, you have a life bar for your front wheel when it comes to an end, pick your wheel. For gold, avoid asking early before your wheel. Another tip, when you're standing, your gauge does not drop no rush, take your time.

Infinite Trial
There's no video! And yes, the last game of skill is as its name clearly indicates, infinite. It is a succession of relatively short distances that are generated randomly. The gold medal is unlocked when you reach the score of 8. For experts of the series...

Figures FMX

New Trials Fusion, the system figures or tricks of the game requires some time to adapt.

Indeed, it is not always clear what figure to put some jumps. To help you, especially for the address "Master tricks" game, here is the complete list of manipulations.

Figures to achieve horizontal, head up
Superman: Right Stick to the left

Coffin: Stick right to the right

Proud Hero: Right Stick down

Rule: Right Stick to the left and up

Dead body: Right Stick to the left, then up and then to the right

Figures realize horizontally, upside down
Underdog: Right Stick to the right

Drill: Stick straight down

Slash: Right Stick down and left

Figures to achieve vertical, front wheel up
Going up: Right Stick down

Going to heaven: Right Stick down and left

Kiss of Death: Right Stick to the left and up

Figures achieve vertically downwardly front wheel
Going to hell: Right Stick up

Bow: Stick straight up and to the right

Polevault: Right Stick to the right and down


They are cute but they are hard to flush ...

In fact, more challenges and games of skill, the guys at RedLynx have hidden in the game 20 squirrels find to unlock the trophy or success "Breaking hazelnuts."

Here to help you with the location of squirrels Game Trials Fusion.

1 - Grove Blues - Pipelines

2 - Grove Blues - Observatory

3 - Grove Blues - Cliffhanger

4 - Arctic Open - 2 wheels or 2 skis

5 - Arctic Open - Special Cuvée

6 - Metropolis - Duel skyscraper

7 - Metropolis - Relay Park

8 - Metropolis - Dead Zeppelin

9 - Metropolis - Micmac at the marina

10 - Competitions cactus - Trail of destruction

11 - Competitions cactus - troupière Storm

12 - Competitions cactus - All your base

13 - Joust in the jungle - Crash in the marshes

14 - Joust in the jungle - Temple of Doom

15 - Exhibition - rocky trail

16 - Exhibition - Nature Reserve

17 - Exhibition - Cold Room

18 - Club experts - Troglodyte

19 - Club experts - Secret défense

20 - Club experts - Gymkhana in the jungle

Achievements / Trophies

Achievements / Trophies - Bronze
I love what you do - Post a lap on a track created by another player Trials: Fusion

Air artist - Score 20 000 points in a jump on a track FMX

Quad Pains - No fault on the quad Fusion Factory

Grasshopper - Complete the training program 2

Clothes make the driver - Buy a variety of equipment improved maximum

Hell no you too - Submit Hell IV

The fifth key - Use the track editor to find and pick up the key fifth of the world ...

Fossil pretty - Maintain a pose Proud Hero until your death wearing the geologist held

Kind in brelle - Complete the three challenges of any track

Ruthless III - Complete all challenges "Ruthless" in the first eight events

WOT III - Complete all challenges "Accelerating" in the first eight events

Achievements / Trophies - Silver
24k - Earn at least twenty four gold medals Trials: Fusion, irrelevant to the slopes.

Full mastering - Get Trials trophy

Cracking nuts - Find all squirrels hidden in the first 8 events

Can not you - Complete all the challenges of the first 8 events

Hidden - Achievements / Trophies
Pedaling in semolina - Being crushed by his own bike while you're at full speed