A Story About My Uncle (PC game) review

A story about my uncle" is a bedtime story. An adventure that is perhaps a little too breathtaking for a child who is just going to sleep, but I sucked in immediately.

It's about a father who retells an adventure from his childhood to his daughter, when he went out to look for his weird Uncle Fred. The story begins when he discovers a mysterious costume in Fred's home, with a built-in electric grappling hook. His search for his uncle leads him afterwards to an imaginative world of rocks floating in the air, which is populated by a strange frog-people.

"A story about my uncle" is a Swedish indie developed games, and something as unusual as a platform First Person. There are no enemies to fight against, instead it is about to swing from one platform to another using the electric grappling hook.

Grappling hook to attach to almost any surface, but the period of time you can do it is usually very short, and one can only wield a certain number of times before you have to touch the ground again. Moreover, one has to figure out which way to travel, which is not always obvious.

Therefore, it requires precision and timing to get to the jumps and swing the relationship between the floating platforms - and it's a real challenge. But when you manage to time it right, it is a thrilling experience of flying through the air. That feeling is further enhanced when the environment is open to a wide landscape in the clouds: a spectacularly colorful horizon, giant floating rocks, lighthouses, airships and pavilions, it will be a lovely environment to travel through. That you can not fight monsters also gives the game a tranquil atmosphere, making the platform swing making the more enjoyable.

"A story about my uncle" interweaves also play mechanics closely with the protagonist's search for his uncle. The story has a very child friendly character, although it is not specifically a children's game, which is framed in a sweet way when you meet on the frog girl Madeleine. With her positive, dreamy and personality incorporates her up the whole story. Her motivation is simple, and the design of nature - blue hair, red dungarees and broken glasses - is charming. Since she is the only other major character except Fred, who, however, is absent, it is a shame that she does not get bigger place in history.

Just a shame it is that the "A story about my uncle's" final third of violating the game's previously peaceful tempo and pleasant severity. Here are the savings points more spread out and the challenges are many times difficult. After falling to my death more than 30 times at the same place I was close to giving up of pure resentment.

However, "A story about my uncle" has an enjoyable game mechanics basically, and it's refreshing to see a game that dares to exclude violence and yet is both engaging and challenging. And although the story is considerably tamer towards the end, it's still a hot adventure. This is a fanciful bedtime story worth experiencing.