Batman: Arkham Knight hands on - E3 2014

Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the best games available at E3 2014, and, judging from the demo we tested directly with hands on control, it can be one of the best next year, when you get to Xbox One and PS4. The title takes place after Arkham City and Batman shows with new threats that can destroy Gotham - and his life.

The demo begins with Batman arriving at an abandoned refinery, dominated by enemy forces. After speaking with Commissioner Gordon and see how you can help, the hero is approved by Arkham Knight, new villain in this chapter, created especially for the game, and you want to get revenge on Batman for some mysterious reason.

After being prevented by the Scarecrow, another main villain of the game, Arkham Knight escapes and releases passage to Batman, who must break into the complex and rescue hostages there, whether they are alive or not. That's how we connect with the first big shock of the title: continued use of the Batmobile.

The Batmobile has a large stake in Arkham Knight. With Batman he eliminates enemies with stun bullets, exploding walls, openings pulls with his harpoon and also runs around in high speed. The vehicle has two distinct modes: Combat and persecution, each being a different situation.

The default mode is the chase where the Batmobile has its best known form and walking around like a normal car, skidding through the curves and abusing the speed. Have the combat mode, by far the most interesting, the vehicle transforms almost entirely by inserting non-lethal weapons in its design, radar and additional firepower to more difficult tasks.

Batman can control your car remotely, which yields the very interesting puzzles, for example, pull a stalled elevator while the hero is rescuing a hostage. According to the producer, the introduction of the Batmobile in this game occurred because of many requests from fans, but it was not something they wanted to put anyway, and it was for this reason that he had not yet emerged as a playable element until then.

There is other news in Arkham Knight that go beyond the use of the vehicle. The fighting managed to get even more fluid and more possible moves; Batman makes more use of the environment around them to deal with enemies and can also surprise them from the shadows and shoot over an opponent in one move, contrary to what it was in previous versions.

The demonstration lasted about 35 minutes, but all this time spent in the same place, at the refinery where we had to rescue the victims. Some of the targets have not survived, but led others to places needed to continue the mission and thereby come face to face once again with Arkham Knight, nearest the end of the demo.

The new Batman promises to be one of the best games of next generation.