Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn review

The Gundam franchise was originally an anime series (roughly speaking a Japanese animated series), founded in 1979 and is still on the tube. Dozens of Gundam games have resulted from this in 2007 with the first Dynasty Warriors spin-off. Gundam Reborn is technically the fourth in the series, once again but also serves as a kind of remake through the story of the beginning to dish for and add. While still not satisfied amed material from the anime very useful for newcomers.

Through six storylines game guides you through many important events in the story. Key points: everything takes place in an alternate universe where humanity has spread, collected in different colonies in the universe. If one of those colonies declares themselves independent, breaks a huge war. The battle has to be fought on the basis of a type of weapon; the mobile suit.

Your wildest socks and best mobile suit
You as a player not only attract your naughty socks, but also mobile suit to numerous enemies to kill off. Think of the mobile suits to the robot fighter you undoubtedly know from Power Rangers (though it is much younger than Gundam series and the chances are very present that Gundam has served as inspiration for the Ranger robot). Among the many battles through the story occurs through cutscenes revealed and you get the occasional cool - unfortunately not interactive - mechanical fights to see.

All of the above will be for many a reason to believe that the story of Gundam can be on several levels 'epic' referred to - after all, robots, space colonies and battles sound like a winning combination and probably the anime series that, judging by its tremendous stamina.

Unfortunately, the story is told mostly in a very static way in the game; most of the events you get to know using boring text fields. Occasionally you get to see, in addition, an anime movie or fight but fine additions.

Story-line in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn

Presumably occurs when you quickly tend to the calls by clicking: up to the fight! And fight you doing enough in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn. Because the game six (not all complete) covers timelines, you will be presented with a huge number of missions.

From that perspective, you will definitely value for money. But before you even start a mission, it is important to improve your pass from earned skill points and set found. upgrade plans into mobile suit.

With this upgrade plans you can slowly but surely create your own super robot. This way you can ensure that you will encounter heavier blows and your armor can have more damage. And all the adjustments you can do for more than a hundred mobile suits, all taken from the series and thus a feast of recognition for the fan. Only when you have set your preference to suit the whole robot battle may erupt.

Rams, rams,
Such a "robot battle 'means in practice the following: square square square square square square square square triangle triangle and for the record once round. The simpler translation: button bashing as the clock strikes. And not necessarily in the order in which we have written here, as with any rams on square and triangle to get there in most cases.

Without tactics rams buttons is the main part of Gundam Reborn. Technically, you have some simple combos, but we have never felt the need to use it. Awareness The only buttons that really tactical utility, R2, CIRCLE, which provide special, stronger attacks.

Slaughter Run
You enter your uncoordinated attacks mainly against thousands of rows of identical slaughter feed. Occasionally you'll encounter a boss who is more powerful than the ordinary foot soldiers, but of tactics you almost never have to change. Or rather tactic is never actually comes into play.

To make the boring gameplay slightly more bearable you can play (although not all levels) to play in co-op. everything is more fun in co-op, but better, the game is essentially not. The big advantage is that you can hold a competition among themselves about who gets the most kills - the numbers run without exception in the many hundreds, if not thousands.

Incidentally, it looks hack 'n slash work at times quite impressive out, though there is never a real tactical layer under cover.

Boring gameplay ruined everything
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn is a game packed with content and with an interesting story. Unfortunately, that story is told largely on a few engaging way.

The strength of the series thus no longer slicing and poor gameplay is even for seasoned Gundam fans a monotonous, boring struggle. There may be many recognizable mobile suits and sometimes amusing cutscenes not change.