Fake WeChat steals banking information; see how it works

Kaspersky Lab, a famous online security company, warns a new problem for mobile devices users: a fake version of the application WeChat for Android is already circulating, with the intent to steal banking credentials. The malware disguises itself as a version of messenger, but it is actually a trojan.

It was identified as Trojan-Banker. AndroidOS.Basti.a, and this is an application for Android that disguises the device as WeChat. And the malware has a whole anti-correction system. According to Kaspersky, cybercriminals used a mode of encryption in data to avoid tracking.

According to analysis, the malicious app is able to create a graphical interface for the user to enter their bank details, including your credit card number, your PIN and cell phone number, claiming to be the app registry. This ends up making it a powerful tool for phishing.

After getting the information, the application sends everything via e-mail for an account. Research from Kaspersky Lab analyzed the email inbox and found a high number of victims. And while the Trojans are already locked in 126 email servers, it managed to steal and collect information from many people.

To protect yourself, avoid accessing links from external applications, outside of Google Play, and always have an antivirus installed. Even within the Google store, only download apps-rated by other users and with good reviews.


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