Genesis' Original Members team up for a documentary

The original members of the Genesis were reunited after many years.

Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett, met with Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, who followed with the band until the early 90s, for a BBC documentary about the band.

That was the training they recorded some of the greatest classics of progressive rock in the first half of the 70s. Singer Gabriel left the group in 1975 to continue his respected solo career, while guitarist Hackett was left two years later.

From that Phil Collins - who was from the battery to the vocals - took control and took the Genesis for a more direct and pop sound. While old fans have not liked much of yaw, it is undeniable that it proved critical to the survival of the band. So much so that they are perhaps the only band on the planet that saw each album outsell its predecessor Release - without the final album made without Collins in 1997.

The "progressive" training of Genesis met only once, in 1982, for a special show. Fans now expect this reunion for the documentary can stimulate new musical collaboration.

The documentary "Genesis: Together And Apart" count all the history of the band and have never seen multiple pictures of the group. The airdate has not yet been revealed.

Check out a rare clip of Genesis performing "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" in 1973: