How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Video Game) review

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a new animation which hit theaters, following the success of 2010 and to accompany the new movie will also released a video game based on it. It is common that licensed games are not masterpieces, but How to Train Your Dragon 2 reaches one of the lowest levels of quality in recent times. Read our full review below:

The game begins by showing the island of Berk and explains that all come with the new thriving partnership between Vikings and dragons, established in the first film. Shortly after the Games Dragon, a form assemblers and mythological creatures found to compete with each other are presented. After this introduction, the story does not evolve anymore.

Overall, How to Train Your Dragon 2 is basically a collection of minigames, with a campaign mode with various events and some multiplayer modes. You can also explore the island of Berk free to browse numerous collectibles, but without great rewards for it.

There are many rewards for playing anywhere in the game, actually. After the introduction, you are presented with a series of events that needs to complete. They are challenges like flying a route of fire rings, pick up sheep and leave them in a pen or even shoot posters Vikings.

Fly through rings of fire is a great omen that brings memories of Superman 64 for the Nintendo 64, one of the worst games of that era. The minigames shot against the Vikings are the only part of the game that works at least to a reasonable level, and when it is closest to give some pleasure to the player, but last few seconds.

Dragons Pilots "Blerg"
Besides, being monotonous tasks control the dragon is incredibly bad. Not only is it difficult to control the creatures as they are slow and every bump in the scene will be played its rider away. To make matters worse, the camera still has trouble following their movements, increasing the chance of impact.

The first events are available only workouts, which the player performs alone, and only then enter tournaments where you will compete against other dragons. Even during tournaments you will still be going through the same rings of fire and catching sheep, but with other assemblers dragon disputing the challenge with you.

The presence of other competitors makes it virtually impossible to win, as the difficulty level of the game is nonsense. In races users need to go through all the rings of fire to earn a minimum rate to get out of last place, but winning is still something that will remain out of reach for too long.

You are not limited only your skills, you can also count on their shots fire dragon and items to damage your opponents, the best Mario Kart style. These elements could balance the difficulty of the game, but instead to get worse. Any fireballs as items are inefficient in its hand, but always hinder you when you can finally start winning.

Dragons visually the past generation
Nor is there much effort in How to Train Your Dragon 2, graphically speaking. The island of Berk is relatively well reproduced and you can explore it freely without loading. But its look is terrible, with very low quality textures that trick from afar, but up close look of a game for PlayStation 2. Not to mention objects those suddenly appear.

In contrast to the rest of the graphics, dragons are well modeled, as well as their riders. Water also has a beautiful reflection effect, even if itself is not really that well detailed when viewed up close.

The songs are borrowed from the soundtrack of the film and although not always match the situation, there are probably less worse in terms of quality in the whole game. Most sound effects are generic and the voiceovers are extremely cloying, with very few phrases that characters repeat all the time.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is not just a bad game based on a movie, it is one of the worst titles released recently. The impression is that almost all production has focused on modeling the island of Berk and dragons without still have time to create a minimally decent game around it. Avoid at all costs.