Mario Kart 8: Learn to use Drifts, Turbos and Jumps

Mario Kart 8 brings a wide variety of resources to win races like turtle cases, peel bananas, mushrooms and rays. Moreover, turbos, skids and jumps can help you get a good advantage in those difficult races. Want some tips on how to take advantage of these functions? Check out our tutorial.

Turbo at the start

Having been in several other versions of the game, the turbo at the start is one of the most useful functions and remembered. To get the urge, you must align the acceleration at the exact moment. Thus, Will abandon the vehicle with a speed bonus.

To conquer the turbo, wait until the light illuminates the second start (red light middle) and then immediately hold down the acceleration (A) button to start. The more accurate you are in time to accelerate, the turbo will be more lasting.

Be careful not to start accelerating long before, as this may cause a small explosion in the engine of the vehicle, leaving the character stopped for a few seconds at the start.

Since version for Nintendo Wii , Mario Kart in heels have become more important since they can yield small turbos. As the jumps are constant, this strategy can greatly help in overtaking.

To perform a jump, wait to get the character right near the edge of any ramp or obstacle that makes the kart off the ground. Right now, quickly press the right trigger control (ZR) to do a little maneuver, and get a boost when you land.

If you are using a Wii Remote, just shake control at the time of the jump run jump.


The drifts or overruns are the most important tools in order to win over tough opponents, either in online or offline mode. With them, you can turn corners quickly and still gain a boost in output each.

To make a drift, angle the car to the side of the curve and hold the right trigger control (ZR). A good deal of skill is required to keep the kart while skidding complete the curve.

After doing some drift meters, the wheels will gain blue sparks. That means you've gained a turbo, which is activated immediately after releasing the trigger. In the case of longer, more complicated drifts, you can get red sparks, which means an even stronger and lasting turbo.

Train overruns until you can perform them in the turns of the track. This will improve performance in races. A good idea is to choose the difficulty 50cc championships to train.