The Assembly will use Virtual Reality Goggles on PS4

The Assembly announced for PlayStation 4, riding the wave of revelations of E3 2014. The game, developed by British studio nDreams, will be an adventure for the Virtual Reality that will use the new Headset from Sony: the Project Morpheus . The game has no release date yet, but is available for testing at E3 2014.

The game was revealed through a teaser that shows a strange technological installation. The Assembly tells the story of a secret society, composed of scientists, scholars and engineers. These scholars believe that moral concepts of society are delaying scientific advances.

This secret society - probably called The Assembly as in the title - lives in an underground complex where several types of experiments with human subjects are conducted. Their goal is to develop a kind of universal theory to explain all things that exist in the world.

According to the producers, two characters can be controlled, and Virtual Reality creates a big difference between them. For example, each character has a different height, seeing the world the way itself. Moreover, each character will use your own sounds and voices.