Brian Johnson gives details about AC / DC’s new album

Brian Johnson, the lead singer of AC / DC said that the recording of the highly anticipated new album have been completed.

The band’s sixteenth album is expected to drop later this year or early 2015. To the magazine "Metal Hammer", Johnson said he is very excited about the work and they are great songs.

As already known, this will be the band's first album without the presence of Malcolm Young. The guitarist had to leave the group due to health problem. The musician is being replaced by his nephew Stevie.

"He is a warrior and we are crossing our fingers that he comes out of this," said Johnson about bandmate. Respecting the privacy, the singer said that he could not give details about the actual state of Malcolm’s health. The singer said that Stevie was brilliant and gave his best in the recordings, but added that it was difficult to make the album knowing that his colleague was not well.