Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix: Unlock New Costumes

Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix - new DLC, which adds a style so beat em 'up game to where it is necessary to accomplish missions on time. Besides the challenges, you can still unlock outfits inspired by classic characters from Capcom, as Ryu, Chun-li and Captain Commando. Check out the tutorial on how to unlock the items:

Step 1: To Play Remix Arcade mode, you must buy the DLC. In the game main menu, select "Super Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix".

Step 2: In the Mode menu click "Play now".

Step 3: Now choose the stage and go.

Step 4: In this screen you can choose the characters. Note that in front of each of them, some padlocks show clothes that can be unlocked. To open them you need to play and accumulate at least 10.000Z.

When you have enough credits, press A on the clothes you want to unlock.

Step 5: Then just choose the clothes to and from the game normally.

Note that besides the look, the clothes also change the main characters' skills and even weapons. Anne, for example, wins the roundhouse kick of Chun-Li, which is very effective against large groups of zombies.