Destiny: Learn to create a new character

Destiny has three races of characters, besides the hundreds of possibilities of visual customization, as hairstyles, face painting and different types of faces. One possibility is to use more than one character to experience the differences between classes. Check out the tutorial on how to create a new hero.

Step 1: In any part of the game, press Start to access the main menu.

Step 2: Use the R1 / RB button to go to the "Settings" tab, select "Disconnect" and then click "Change Character".

Step 3: Under your main character, click the "+" to create a new hero.

Step 4: Choose from one of three classes. A good idea is to try something that has not yet tested.

Step 5: Customize your character as you wish, using hair, makeup and races.

Step 6: After that just start the game and play normally. Remember that the tasks, skills and equipment obtained in other characters can not be used by the new hero.